Sunday, February 15, 2009

Of What I Did For CNY!

I know it's another delayed post...Needless to say why...yes..yes..yes..Due to the same old reason again..I was busy until the max ever since my classes started after 1 week of CNY holidays...
Hence picture time!
1st day of CNY,
Pretty much nothing to do...sadly...woke up in the afternoon for breakfast.Yes I just mentioned breakfast in the afternoon..absolutely nothing wrong with your eyes or my fingers..LOL!*Vegeterian glass noodles*
2nd day of CNY,
Family dinner at night at grandaunt's place...*Some of my relatives**Most of my relatives**My 1st Yee Sang of 09**I heart plum sauce**All mixed up**Simple home-cooked dinner**Reunion dinner*
3rd day of CNY,
Went to Jin May's and Jin Iy's house, then went yumcha and movie with Wallace and Jasmine...I had a blast that day together with both of them...*Jasmine and I in Jin May's house* *Was on the table*
We had Yee Sang over at Jin May's house and so that was my 2nd Yee Sang of 09..*Candid shot from my camera,while Andrew was preparing his camera for a group picture**I stole this picture from Andrew's blog*
After Jin May's house, Jasmine and I met up with Wallace in Taman Tun to yumcha with him...*While waiting for Wallace, I decided to play with my camera**Obviously Wallace is more than qualified to be a poser*
After we visited Jin Iy's house, we left for to catch a movie at Cineleisure...Since the movie starts at 9pm, we had a game of Foosball and heck it was fun playing with both of them...Also due to the fact that it's the 3rd day of CNY, many of the shops were closed and the place was dead quiet,however, with us there,you can hear me and Jasmine screaming during the game...super syok sendiri la we all!
Then after that we ate Sushi,*Sushi!**Me flashing the sushi using camera flash...*
Of one fascinating thing of this place is their settings, they lined up bottles of same shape and colour along the shelves everywhere in the restaurant. *These are the bottles**Above us**Around us**A cup of greentea..anyone?*
After that we moved on to watch Red Cliff 2...
Day5 of CNY,
Went out with all my high school friends for movie: All's well end's well... at 1u and dinner at Ming Tien, Taman Megah...*My kawan-kawanz**Pauline and I with Reny in the background**Shu Lin and I**Pauline**Was trying some effect with my camera..Jou Ling in the background**Dinner at Ming Tien, Taman Megah**Reny, Alicia, Eric and Meng Soon*
Day 7 of CNY,
Went to Osbert's place for a small gathering and a game of Life!*Life**And the winner is me!!!!*
Day 8 of CNY,
Went dinenr and movie with my form 6 girlfriends at Curve and Cineleisure...*Spagetthi with lala...a lil too spicy for me though**Meng Li and Hui Ling**Jessielicious and Yu Ting*
Day15: Chap Goh Mei

*Sierramas street party**Cooking and taking picture at the same time is not really a good idea**Firecrackers**Lion dance**Fireworks*

That's all for now and if you still want more pictures then refer to my facebook...provided I'm able to upload everything as I need to hit my books again...Don't you just love me? Living a life as a medical student..
Anyway signing off and thanks for reading my long long post!