Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pre Battle #4 : I'm so doomed

Been watching lots of TV and actually is only one movie but I watched it twice.You might be wondering what fascinating movie that attracted me twice..Yes you read it correctly, TWICE!Well, it's non other than Enchanted...Okay okay hold on to your tomatoes or eggs or cabbage or whatever it is that you planned to throw at me..I know Enchanted was out ages ago and I'm only watching it now...LOL~!I'm a "movie dinosaur" remember?

So Enchanted is about love story right?Duh~?! And it's a modern-day fairy tale that comes to a busy city and that's why you get the talking chipmunk and the dragon-witch-stepmother that all comes from Andulasia?Double duh~?!When the whole show ended (both times), I wonder: Does fairy-tale like love story still exist in reality?Ok irony here,fairy tale and reality...But seriously, does all stages of romance truly proceeds to happily ever after?It's nice to watch movie like this and you can predict the ending even before the movie ends: always the "they live happily ever after" kinda ending.Point is, I don't know.Life's a journey that can NEVER be predicted...Oh by the way, I sensed that my friend is beginning his "Enchanted" journey, I shall not revealed who before I get killed by him...LOL *I won't tell your name one...ahemMSNahem!*Anyway congrats to him...
As for me, I'm no where near to the "Enchanted" pathway in my life currently.Though I have someone in mind but... *nah,nvm!*

On another random note, I'm addicted to Restaurant City in Facebook!Oh NO!!!!! But heck it's cute!
Okay please pressurised me to study anyone?I'll pay you for that...It's easy money I tell you!
*Go study, moew*
2nd cat shot I'm fascinated with, cute eh?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pre Battle #3 : I want Ice Cream and Krispy Kreme

Thank you very much for letting me know that NZ ice cream is giving out free ice cream to the year 1987 to 1991.. I WANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT...........

it's already here and I want also!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pre Battle #2: It's E.N.O.U.G.H

It's enough...
I'm enough of all kind of nonsense..
You people put nonsense bout me, I compromise and did not utter a word
But when the tables are turned?
You know the answers right?
And thank you very much for spoiling my day at this time...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pre Battle #1 : Randomness

Yeap am well now am fully recover! Praise God and thank you to those who left me comments or messages at my chatbox....

Feeling too lazy this few days especially yesterday and today.Slept too much...Lets analyse the number of hours I slept:

Thursday night 11.30pm til next morning 9.00am = 9.5 hours + a headache
Friday afternoon, 12.30pm til 2.30pm= 2 hours + still with headache
Friday afternoon, 4.oopm til 5.30pm = 1.5 hours+ headache
Friday night,8.30pm til 10.00pm = 1.5 hours + lesser headache
Friday night, 11.30pm til next morning 7.30pm = 8 hours + little bit headache
Saturday morning, 11.30am til 1.00pm=1.5 hours + no headache

Total= 24hours...and yes a day!!OMG A DAY?????????? One day wasted without studying!!!

Better go back and study now...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Did Plastic Surgery & IT WENT WRONG!

I've finally experienced a plastic surgery went wrong...
Now I can't leave my house without my sunglasses...
Even going out for a simple dinner at the roadside stalls I'll still need my sunglasses...
Hence of course I reveiced loads of weird stares, discriminations and insults from passer-by who are so-happen to be there...I mean who wears sunglasses at night?
You just can't imagine how bad my situation is until I show you people some pictures...

*Honestly I did not close my eyes but it's already the MAXIMUM I could open my eyes*
Slit-like eyes or known as extreme mata sepet...

*No eyelid folds can be observed...Peri-orbital edema has occured...*

Oh for those who has no idea whatsoever how I looked like before, I present to you this...*This was how I looked like before disaster of plastic surgery struck*
Hence for those who are not contented with your looks do think twice before you make the brave decision to go for plastic surgery.For every surgery there WILL be a risk and unless you are ready for all the post-surgery gone wrong consequences; if not, then I strongly discouraged you from proceeding into the operation theatre...

LOL...Gotcha!!!Nope...I didn't go for any plastic surgeries but I'm going through a quite severe angioedema resulting from hypersensitivity reaction (i.e: swollen face due to allergy towards drugs) So oh well I went back to the doctor and he prescribed me some other drugs to decrease the swelling...Oh before I end this post, better clarify some things here...

1st..The first two pictures are real, no photoshop whatsoever..That was how swollen my eyes were and the 2nd picture is taken after the swelling had subside a little..

2nd..I want to thank those who actually made me feel better when the swelling is developing until I can't open my eyes to see..And also those who sms-ed me and prayed for me...

3rd..I thank God for letting me experience for being blind for a moment...No joke..Seriously when the swelling is newly developed I went blind for a moment...I can't see and I'm alone in my house.My world just went all black...I had to move around in my own house by touching and feeling stuff even just to go to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water.Hence I know how blind people feel even for a moment and it ascertains me to not take things for granted for sure...

Thats all for now,wish me well as my exams are drawing near...and oh it reminds me something. 'Medicine is no joke, one wrong move or negligence can cause disaster or better study the subject thoroughly and seriously....'

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of Why MIA for The Day...

Having a MASSIVE cramp and stomach ache..So I ponteng for the day.No lecture, no PBL and no clinicals....Oh well I still have to sit down and study..FINALS IS 3 weeks away????21 days???
*screams out loud*

***I want ice cream***

*Smack self in the forehead*
**Calm down and back to study**

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Sunday!

It's EASTER!!!! Anyway I got a great time serving this weekend and I'm so satisfied....
Am satisfied spiritually because by the grace and mercy of God I'm now save in His kingdom forevermore.By the cross, His blood was shed for all our sins and hence we use Easter to commemorate the Lord's death and resurrection until His returning again.I'm truly blessed by Him for all the things that He has given me in my life.
I'm satisfied physically today as,
I got to eat a yummylicious teatime with Jasmine in SS2 after the gotong royong at church...Though I mess my vacuum up with loads of dust but it's worth it cause is for the sake of cleaning God's house...
I'm satisfied physically again,
I said to Jasmine before, I feel like singing for Easter and God is great cause He opened a way for me to sing on stage with Osbert and all...Though only a short time before Andrew come and take over my mic but come to think of it my prayer is answered though I didn't ask God when I pray for myself to sing on stage..Oh by the way it's a healing service so the worship team has to sing the same song over and over again for almost an hour and since almost the whole congregation came forward for prayer.
I'm satisfied again,
I get to use someone's Nikon D300...Woot~~ I can't believe he trusted me and let me use his camera throughout 3rd service even though he knows that am not one SLR camera fella...SO SO SO HAPPY!!!I'm still in a state of shock but not hypoperfusion..But anyhow, I'm delighted and I need to calm down now to avoid myself being over-delighted.Actually the feeling is too happy until I don't know how to put it in words.LOL it just makes me want to buy my DSLR even more...
Oh well, if it's not for God, all these would not have happen today for me,would it?..So praise be to God!For He is good and His love endures forever....

*Another random shot of mine*
Jesus is the Light of the world and may His love,mercy and grace be with all of you..Happy Easter!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Char Siew Fan session with Yat...

On Wednesday I went for a yummylicious lunch opposite my campus with Yat, Jason, Wai Loo and Amabel...LOL I'm suppose to have lunch with our March-featured-blogger: *drumrolls* Yat long time ago (ever since starting of sem 2) anyway I had lunch with him though it's almost end of sem2 for me...Not empty promise lor...But Kelvin can't make it since his class was until 1pm and Amabel, Wai Loo and me have to go back to practice our choir for our senior's farewell... *My kat-zai-suen-mui drink**My char siew siew yok fan**Char siew & chicken rice**Our March-featured-Nuffnang blogger : Ah Yat*
*UCSI Medicine class of sem2 09 featured joker :Wai Loo**Yat and Jason**The 3 slices of cucumber is left for the one who went for food review in Souled Out and didn't come ber-char siew fan with us....LOL**In PBL room discussing about the song: Poh, Kenneth, Amabel**The others*
Oh well coming up will be updates for the farewell party...Now I need my sleep again....Nite world