Saturday, December 27, 2008

Atone Dinner at Euro Deli (Part 2)

And we shall continue.....*Me, Juni and Kenny**Me, Merlvyn and Uncle Rudy =P **Da girls........* *Green, Red, Green, Black?**Everybody helping themselves with the yummylicious food**Nicodemus's very organised plate*
*Enjoying the yummylicious dinner*
After dinner was the games and award giving session to those groups that finished the assignments that were supposed to hand up before this event. (sigh my camera starts going crazy during this that explains for the blur pictures...definitely not because of my hand shaking)
The Hardworking and Award Deserving Groups:
The not-so-hardworking groups and the punishments...Jeng~ Jeng~ Jeng~*And yes I know my team had fallen into this category*
The other teams:Saw all the above weird poses?Yes? All these not-so-hardworking groups are punished to dance.
Later was secret santa time,*The committee members distributing the presents while we sit down and have the second round of food*
And let's see what some of the happy people gotAndrew Williams got shampoo...=P haha neah it's some shower gelChris got all excited with the "Kampung Boy"'s in English not BM don't worrySome lil voting session and later a game session....*Caught ya, Melody* The guys with their *ahem* English Herbal Tea*Posers...**Ronny, Tabby, me and Joanna*
A few pictures from the awards sessions for the nominees....*Celine preparing all the presents*Before we call it a night, a few words from Ps Lee ChooI think I took too many pictures of people.Actually the setting of the place was very nice,especially the bar counter in the middle of it...Jade took the picture so I stole it from her...heheAndrew, our official photographer of the night who who happily snapping excellent pictures, and me, the unofficial and hopeless photographer...=D
Thank you to whoever that give me the box of chocolate and the card.....
That's about all....
Signing off...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Atone Dinner at Euro Deli (Part 1)

After my long dissapearance, as promised the post of Atone dinner at Euro Deli at 14th of Dec 08 We had our Christmas service practise right after service and it ended early so Blanche, Jasmine and me went to 1Utama to shop for presents... *This was what we did in the car...Yeap make up pro Blanche-y helping Jasmine-y to make up...after that was my turn**Quite blur but I likethis picture**Me, Jasmine and Jade.......and also our official photographer of the night, Andrew at far behind**Me, Jasmine,Blanche and Jade*
*Another picture of me and Jasmine*
*YC kor and me*
*Blanche and me**Shin Yi and me**Melody and me**Jade and me**Tee Kheng, me and Emmanual* This was actually their group picture but somehow I became a calafare inside...*Andrew Williams, Jade and me**Colin and me* <>

*Me, Christine and Justin**Christine and I**Rudy shy-ing away from the camera*

That's all I'm going to post for tonight,will continue to post all the other pictures tomorrow...
Still sick...and I need my rest...
Signing off for now..Merry Christmas everyone!!!