Monday, December 31, 2007

I highlighted my hair

My hair~~~~It's GOLD in colour for some strands!! Too bad I don't have cable or something that can transfer my picture to the comp....Anyway when I blog about Shu Lin's party,you folks will get to see my hair!!!!!Wheeeeee.....But hopefully the colour still stays!I'm kinda obsessed with Alan Luo Zhi Xiang now!!My gosh...I want his album now....Any sponsors out there?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gathering Part 2

Quite blue for a picture of me, Robin and Shu Lin....We got a hard time pulling him to take this picture with us on stage and finally tadaaa....

We wanted to do some levelling but somehow.....

After dinner,we decided to go yumcha at Chui Chui Sui at SS2....Robin inspecting Kok Foo's phone....Anyway a big thank you to Robin and Kok Wai for spending us for dinner....and hehe...and NOT CHEAP some more...

We posing with our drink when we yumcha....
After that,Kok Wai send Robin,me, Shu Lin and himself and Kok Foo home...and hmm...I'm wondering when will our next gathering be?

Gathering part 1

Haha i finally posted some pics......I stole all of them from Shu Lin..wakaka...All the below shots were taken in

From left: Reny, Yuien, some unknown guy,Shu Lin,Jou Ling,Kok Foo and ME!

Kok Foo,ME,Yi Von,Shu Lin,Jou Ling and Sze Wei at Carl's Jr.

A shot of me and Shu Lin!

While loading the pictures,my itchy fingers caused me to sign up for Facebook...Then while trying to load the other pictures....the same stupid error thingo popped up again...gah
so irritating....wait for part 2 la

Friday, December 28, 2007

Lets blog about rattlers

I wanted to post some pictures but heck the thing just kept hanging....gosh!I think I tried like uploading pictures for umpteen time but it just keep popping up the error thingo!So irritating....Forget uploading it today!For those who are hungry to see my pictures that I stole from my friend,another day la (provided if I ever bother to upload and wait for's irritating gilaness that drives me nuts!)Watched some boring movie about rattle snakes just now...Talking about snakes...I hate snakes but at the same time I'm amazed by how their venom works!But lets talk about rattle snakes to relate to the show I just watched......
Why do I hate rattle snakes?
They are icky animals that always gobble up cute birds and cute newborn animals...hey that's how National Geograpic Channel,Discovery and Animal Planet promotes brutality,alright?Not to mention that I hate its appearance,I also hate the way they move by sliding on its belly.Its rattle is bloody noisy and disgusting!The first evil came from snakes according to the bible but I'm not sure what species was the culprit...(Hmm I just thought of a joke once told by someone: If Adam and Eve were chinese,then mankind has no sin because before it manage to slander them to eat the apple at the Garden of Eden,it's made into snake soup as like the saying goes:Chinese prefer to eat anything that had their backs facing the sky....that's all I remember from the joke but as for the other parts?I forgot!)
Why do I like rattle snakes?
I'm amazed by how their venom works....Rattle snakes posses haemotoxic venom for most species...Once bitten,the venom destroys tissue,degenerates body organs and causing coagulopathy...If a person bitten is given an ineffective or delayed treatment,fatality may take place...Tropical rattlers have neurotoxic venom...It's venom causes the loss of the function of the heart and the lungs thus slowly shutting down the nervous system and lead to death....neurotoxic venom is also common on the cobra species.....
First aid when bitten by a rattler:
Antivenin is required to block the action of the venom....Keeping the area bitten lower than the position of the heart slows the rate of the venom travelling in the bloodstream...Victim of bites should also stay calm to avoid elevation of heart rate and thus acceleration of the flow of venom through the blood...Incision around the bitten area and the use of tourniquets...Forget the myth of sucking out venom from the bitten area as it will not help but worsen the condition....
Okay looks like this is more on a factsheet of rattle snakes but who cares....I'm bored so I just type whatever that crossed my mind!And hmm....I wonder how many people actually blog about rattle snakes...I must be one of the odds!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just So You Know

I shouldn't love you but I want to,
I just can't turn away,
I shouldn't see you but I can't move
I can't look away

I shouldn't love you but I want to,
I just can't turn away
I shouldn't see you but I can't move
I can't look away

And I don't know
How to be fine when I'm not
Cause I don't know
How to make a feeling stop

Just so you know
This feeling's taking control
Of me and I can't help it
I won't sit around
I can't let him win now

Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go
Of you but I don't want to
I just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know

It's getting hard to be around you
There's so much I can't say
Do you want me to hide the feelings
And look the other way

And I don't know
How to be fine when I'm not
Cause I don't know
How to make the feeling stop

Just so you know
This feeling's taking control
Of me and I can't help it
I won't sit around
I can't let him win now

Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go
Of you but I don't want to
I just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know

This emptiness is killin' me
And I'm wondering why I've waited so long
Lookin' back I realise it was always there
Just never spoken

I've waitin' here
Been waitin' here

Just so you know
This feeling's taking control
Of me and I can't help it
I won't sit around
I can't let him win now

Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go
Of you but I don't want to
I just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know,just so you know

Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go
Of you but I don't want to
I just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know,just so you know

Have been listening to that song over a million times and the words just sink in and am still wondering why...
Fairy tales: beautiful story with exciting plots and characters you wish to be
It does not require a genius to tell that fairy tales are just sweet lies and sweet poison designed to make you happy and later to break your heart, does it?This applies especially to the happily ever after part...
So I thank you for hurting me but at the same time I thank you for the memories you've brought to me...
I hope you realise but you don't or maybe you do but you choose to pretend not what am I suppose to say to you?Good bye? See you? Or love you?

Monday, November 19, 2007

*shrieks* It's doomsday..for mua

Yup...One down..Farewell PA 1 and all the craps within it! I'm fed up of you,Pengajian Am paper 1......ok signing off now to fry the other 9 more.....sigh

Monday, November 12, 2007

Missing you peeps!

Time to revive my blog before it's dead....but heck!I'm running out of ideas on what to post ......and so it's time for me to do what I do best then...CRAP!I've been missing someone,some thing and some action lately.....

Class pic

  1. I miss UPPER 6 SCIENCE 1 peeps!

  2. I miss loitering eveywhere in school with "Da-molluscs-phyllum", even if we loiter to the toilet for nothing..

  3. I miss the whacky and crazyness of the guys of U6S1

  4. I miss emo-ing or pretend to be emo in class for nothing

  5. I miss you guys playing guitar and we girls singing songs in class...

  6. I miss going for lunch together and drive everywhere in town undecided on what and where to eat as if our cars are on water not petrol

  7. I miss answering back JP's lame jokes and stunt him with nothing to say

  8. I miss the jungle-like and chaotic class

  9. I miss playing ice during physics thermo experiments...poor David who was drenched in ice water that all of us pour on him!(oh wait...he deserves it anyway)

  10. I miss the laughter of all 17 of us espacially the gila video we took in class

  11. I miss the orientation day of the lower sixers (when we are seniors of course)

  12. I miss going along the class trips we planed.

Good luck to all of you out there who will be sitting for SPM or STPM!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breaking in sweats!

OMG! STPM is getting so freaking near.....I think I even dreamt of sitting for STPM the next day by knowing nuts about everything! Ish.....stress!stress! STRESS! *big sigh* I can't seem to concentrate on what I'm studying......anyway I went to celebrate Yu Ting's birthday with Jiaqi, Hui Ling, Meng Li, Guo Zhang, Chongie, Shiau, Chid and David at 1u......When Jiaqi and I were walking towards Secret Recipe,we saw Pn Tiong *gasp* (but she didn't see us...I hope :/) and then later we were like discussing about what happens if we ran into Miss Tong.Chinese folklore once said : "Don't talk about someone in the morning" (hey,I directly translated it from Cantonese ok?) The point is when Jiaqi and I splitted up with the group due to the fact that I pulled her to find a pair of sandals as my leg had blisters,SUDDENLY I saw Miss Tong walked towards us *big big gasps* We actually ran for our "lifes"...I really can't imagine what she will say to us if she saw us loitering at the shopping mall instead of prisoning ourselves with constant jamming of facts........
On another random note,you could see something hanging on my face,in front of my eyes,above my nose and supported by my ears starting on 22 of October 2007.....yes,laugh all you want cause I'll look weird to you people out there.....
Currently ran out of ideas to blog.....=.=" To those out there whom are going to face the dreaded exams,I wish you best of luck.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;knock and the door will be opened to you.For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks,the door will be opened."-Matthew 7:7,8

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Care more for the kids

I'm sure all of you who reads the newspaper or rather those who just flip through it(*ahem*that's so my style of reading newspaper....aiyak!paiseh!) saw the news of the 8 years old girl,Nurin...I totally pity her for her gruesome death and pray that she's found peace now...Her parents were also blamed for negligence and they kinda denied it if I'm not mistaken....but honestly speaking I guess they really have their responsibility on that...I mean from what I was informed,they actually allowed their eldest daughter aged 9 and the deceased to go out to pasar malam?I mean,gosh! I think I wasn't even allowed to go anywhere alone or with someone plus minus a year or two older than me......not even to the playground!Sad life,no? But when it comes to safety issues,I guess it was alright.And this just reminds me on what I saw this afternoon while I was waiting for my dad.....There was this small girl about 3 years old playing alone at the swimming pool all by herself!Yes, it's cute to see her screaming,making faces entertaining herself and splashing water and all....Suddenly she got off the baby pool and decided to explore into the adults one!Just right before the moment she jumped into the BIG pool,her dad or someone she knew I supposed came to her rescue.....But the point here is,how could a small kid like her can be left alone in the pool with the adult out of sight? Worse still,there were construction workers walking up and down the area(not that I'm discriminating construction workers but it's better safe than sorry right?)..........And before I left with my dad,I caught her drinking the pool's chlorinated water.....How many sips?Answer: Plenty!
On another note,the other day when my mum went to the market, she heard this kid about 9 years old or so saying this in Chinese: " mummy say all this beggars are all liars,they can walk one!" I saw that mister beggar she meant before and I 100% assure you that he can't walk......Gosh!He's like crawling on the floor with blood trickling out once awhile from his newly amputated leg and here we are having kids saying this in front of him?I don't blame the child but I blame her parents! How in the world could you possibly teach her to say that?
Until another post, signing off for now!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bad luck yet good luck!

  • I almost got pick-pocket in the bus today while coming home.....My bets are the guy who sat behind me did it....The zip was opened and thank God nothing was lost or maybe there is nothing valuable for him to take unless he is interested in a bunch of keys and my prefect tie.....I guess he assumes that most of the people likes to put their wallet in their bags at obvious small pockets for convenience reasons but this girl here had learned her lessons well enough(refer to older post of mine)
  • I officially declare that I totally screwed up my trials...Gah!...Anyway there's still hope right?It's not the end of the world yet...well guess I have to work the extra miles!
  • I'm coughing like crap until my throat and abdomen muscle hurts!The most irritating thing is I just don't seem to be getting the phlegm out of me yet...Note to self,get well soon!
  • Came back straight from school and I on my comp first thing I set my legs on my chair....hey I know it's no big deal but hey I never been able to do that since trials starts!
  • Now,I'm thinking of whether I should go tuition tonight or tomorrow night.
  • Ooooooh!!!!Guo Zhang just have himself a new beagle...He showed me the picture!And it was so cute though it's not a puppy but a 2-year-old....And the most interesting part is,he got for free!Yes, read it the-dog-is-free!No charge,nothing because it's absolutely free!

On another note,to Philip:trials is not happy at all=.="' That's all for now!Until next time with the next post....tata

Monday, September 17, 2007

Unforgettable birthday!!!

I'm starting this post by wishing myself happy birthday!woohoo! It's my birthday!Anyway,I just woke up...I mean yeah what's the big deal of waking up suddenly,everyone does it all the time.BUT, this time was different...In the midst of people sending me birthday SMS-es.I suddenly woke up and I felt God's presence with me.In my spirit,I heard Him saying: Happy birthday,my child!You got my fullest blessings.Don't fight it when you can't explain it!I love you and don't cry! Okay it's just amazing and awesome!Tears just kept flowing down and before I knew it,I'm crying..No wonder HE says don't cry.I was too touched to not to cry and I'm not disobeying God because I try my best to stop crying after that!Some of you when you're reading this,I know you might not believe it.You may say that I'm dreaming or worse I'm hallucinating on my birthday...All I can say is it's too real for me to not to believe.I guess sometimes a person has to been through,witness,lose or gain something in order to realise that what He has done for us!
On another note,thank you for those who send me birthday messages...I truly appreciate it!
Amazing Grace,
how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.
T'was Grace that taught...
my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear...
the hour I first believed.
Through many dangers, toils and snares...
we have already come.
T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...
and Grace will lead us home.
The Lord has promised good to me...
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be...
as long as life endures.
When we've been here ten thousand years...
bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise...
then when we've first begun.
Amazing Grace,
how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me....
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.
My chains are gone I'm set free,
My God ,My Saviour has ransomed me,
And like a flood,His mercy reigns,
Unending love,Amazing Grace..
I shall end this post with my prayers and a word of Thank You to God!Lord,you're a wonderful God!Amen........

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Change me/ Wang Leehom

I got his new album!!!!!! LEEHOM's new album!!!!! Gosh,I'm so happy! Okay lets see...there are 12 songs in it and all of them are awesome! I like the 7th song in the album the most,it's "ai zai na li" (it means where is the love?) The songs are meaningful as usual...That's all for now.I really ran out of ideas on what to type as time is running out.Okay,you may be wondering why am I running out of time.It's simply because I have to log off to study...Currently while typing this,I'm chatting with 3 great chatters as well.So if I continue typing means I'll continue chatting with those 3....okay I'll end this post by revealing the 3 great,frequent chatters. *drum rolls* the award goes to: Tik Tsin, Chongie and Y-Kin! (If any one of the three of you is reading this:Are you happy now?) Until next time,signing off!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jess's Random-ism

OMG!!! I dissapeared from my blog for 1 month.....don't worry...nothing's wrong with me!But I may be away for quite sometime = (
These were the few things I did while I didn't blog:
  1. I went for a camp at 30th aug till 2nd sept at bukit tinggi! It's kinda thrilling going there alone and then get to meet and befriend cool people over there!=) I still can't believe I went for a camp without knowing anyone there but oh well I just did! Learn a lot from the camp!But haha..I was crowned as princess officially for my team for 2 hours (nah,it's just some treasure hunt game we played at the last night in the camp) and me and other 5 teams' princesses were suppose to sit still on a chair with legs not touching the ground while protecting the team's egg and not getting wet...the trick of the game was we were supposed to find clues and solve some puzzles and of course find "treasures" in a team!So since I was not allowed to touch the ground, my team mates had to carry my "throne" and me around.Mind you,we were running around some hilly area so slopes and rubbles were everywhere! Kinda pity my team mates who piggyback me: Philip, Khye Shin and Kenny! (p/s: I think I almost broke someone's back with my weight) In a nutshell, Everest( my team's name) won the 1st place! woohoo! *Guys :Say what?! Uh! uh! uh! Gals: We are champions! E-V-E-R-E-S-T! 2x* =) What I gained? Friends, God's Words, Inspirations, Aspirations,Lotsa laughter,Lame jokes(thanx yee mun) and etc........
  2. Stoning during study leaves at home while feeling guilty for wasting those time!For a sudden I felt that time is so precious! What I vowed? Don't waste time and stop procastinating even though I can't help it!
  3. Counting down for my birthday!Gosh it's so sad when you have to celebrate your 19th birthday with some trial exam papers! =( What I wish for? *ahem* leehom's new album and *ahem* something to happen to make my birthday a memorable one(happy incidents la of course)*
  4. And of course I did those daily routines..talking about this...I've dropped my routine in prefectship! I've officially step down on 29th of august!

On another note,I want to:

  • Wish Yun-Ni (who is leaving tomorrow) a safe journey to UK and all the best for her studies
  • Wish Tik Tsin a happy 19th birthday although it's tomorrow also!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I want to photo blog without pictures! XP

Ironic title huh?I just come-by to drop a few words to keep my blog alive....Since I'm already here,let me take this opportunity to thank Satchid for his kindness today to accompany me at the bus stop until he miss his own bus...Sorry for that!But i appreciate it!Oh yea,to's my short update!There it goes........I went to watch The Simpson's movie on last friday with Tysern,KenChong,Patrick and wasn't funny but it was damn bloody funny!So funny until my heart almost stop from laughing too much....My apology to GSC for the popcorn spill!My bad!Was an accident anyway!
On another note,someone( who wasn't any LeeHom's fan for the fact that he seldom listen to Chinese song) complimented LeeHom!!!Hmm...I wonder who is he...

-raymun- says:
-raymun- says:
but well, i understand wang lee hom la..
-raymun- says:
he's talented, not bad at all..
I'M IN LOVE WITH LEEHOM!!!!!!! says:
I'M IN LOVE WITH LEEHOM!!!!!!! says:
u agree on leehom is talented
I'M IN LOVE WITH LEEHOM!!!!!!! says:
wow i'm so going to post it on my blog
I'M IN LOVE WITH LEEHOM!!!!!!! says:
coz it is commented and complimented by Ray Mun!
Until another post on another day....signing off!
Currently listening to Maroon 5 :Makes Me Wonder

Monday, July 30, 2007

Funny but quite true....

Who says our English is teruk.? Just see below - Ours is simple,short,concise, straight-to-point, effective etc.........
Britons: I'm sorry, Sir, but we don't seem to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you give me a moment, I can call the other outlets for you.
Malaysians: No Stock.
Britons: Hello, this is John Smith. Did anyone page for me a few moments ago?
Malaysians: Hello, who page?
Britons: Excuse me, I'd like to get by. Would you please make way?
Malaysians: S-kew me
Britons: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink is on me.
Malaysians:No-need, lah.
Britons: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enter through this door? Malaysians: (pointing the door) can ar?
Britons: Please make yourself right at home.
Malaysians: Don't be shy, lah!
Britons: I don't recall you giving me the money.
Malaysians: Where got?
Britons: I'd prefer not to do that, if you don't mind.
Malaysians: Don't want la...
Britons: Err. Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand where you're coming from, but I really have to disagree with what you said about the issue.
Malaysians: You mad, ah?
Britons: Excuse me, but could you please ! lower your voice, I'm trying to concentrate over here. Malaysians: Shut up lah!
Britons: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time.. Do I know you?
Malaysians: See what, see what?
Britons: We seem to be in a bit of a predicament at the moment.
Malaysians: Die-lah!!
Britons: Will someone tell me what has just happened?
Malaysians: Wat happen Why like that....
Britons: This isn't the way to do it here let me show you.
Malaysians: like that also don't know how to do!!!!
Britons: Would you mind not disturbing me
Malaysians:Celaka u

On another note,I just found out that in America ground squirrels actually preyed on rattle snakes and they are also immune to the snake's venom!Fascinating........but true.So whenever you see a squirrel and a snake in America,don't pity the squirrel cause it ain't going to die......Squirrel= cute with violence....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

*cough* *cough*

I'm suppose to be at school now but great I have to stay at home.....Why?Thanks to my fringgin' sore throat! Urgh! *clears throat*.I can hardly talk or I prefer not to talk.For example, like this morning,my parents got a hard time figuring out what I'm trying to say............Listening to Justin Timberlake's :"What goes around comes around"!Not bad....I kinda like it though....Anyway after I'm done with emo-ing....."finally huh,Jess?" I'm currently at a chilling moment of mine!Woohoo....But anyway chilling aside, still have to study caused I totally screwed my whole July's monthly test.......
On another crazy note,I wanted to take a picture of green-coloured phlegm (I'm sure you folks know where's the source right?) But damn!My camera's spoiled at this critical moment when I needed it so badly......Ish!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Was okay; now no

During PA today, I was okay....I mean for the first time in the whole week,I really laugh from the bottom of my heart,in other words I did not fake the laugh....Many thanks to you guys that were involved in the bad-singing of Backstreet Boy's songs....Just to name them: Chongie, Chiddy and Shiau.....I appreciate it....really!But when I'm back home.....again I'm saddened..
I want to freeze my feelings towards everything,especially towards you but the question still remains: Can I?Have to study for organic chemistry in this shitty situation of mine........

Monday, July 16, 2007

any other word than emo can use to describe me?

"Will I be okay?" is the question I kept asking myself these few days.......
How do I feel now?Hmm......good question that some asked me but if you asked me yesterday,I'll say that I'm ok....but if you asked me today,my answer will be: feels like shit!
I felt as if I'm talking into an empty well in a sad and quiet autumn evening.....Nothing besides the wind and dry leaves are around me....When I say a word,all it returns to me is just another echo of my own voice from the bottom of the empty well.....I thought of tossing a coin into it and make a wish like what fairy tale folks did but all I did instead was filling up the well with tears and sadness.Autumns can be romantic in some way but it can also meant dying and distraught to a certain extend.
I'm trying my best to live without thinking of you!But when I'm almost there, again something happened and I wanted your presence so badly until I start thinking of you all over again......

Friday, July 13, 2007

Still in an emo state

I want to see a sunset at the top of the hill with you.After sunset and there we will be watching nightfall too....Counting and making a wish upon the unreacheble stars while admiring the round moon.But most importantly is you,who is there beside me deviating my attentions from the surrounding to you.We could talk whatever we want until late at night right before we just stay in silence while enjoying each other's companionship.When dawn comes,you wake me up with your smile and we were just in time to see the sun rise before travelling elsewhere.....This may sound like some fairy tale or some scene taken out from some love story or so.But I do like the idea of it especially if you're there to go through it with me......However,deep down in my heart I know that this idealistic images will just remained as a dream.A dream that will not possibly come true as you do not even know I'm thinking of you now....
Like how James Blunt ends in his song entitled "You're Beautiful" :'It's time to face the truth,I'll never be with you.'

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sometimes, life is so sucky until you just wish to rip that part of it off and straight away skip into a new chapter hoping for a happier day while awaiting for something that you've been wishing so badly to happen.I don't want to think of you......but the more I resist,the more you're caught in the images in my head.....I don't want to hear your voice but the conversations we had just can't stop replaying as if it's like recorded or some sort of.I don't want to know you to begin with.If I don't know you,would I be better or would I end up in something similar?I'm tired of awaiting....Awaiting, guessing, hoping and wishing isn't a good combination altogether.The said combination makes one's mind move in a to-and-fro, back-and-forth motion, just like a lost man in an isolated island all by himself; again awaiting for a ray of hope that comes together with the next crack of dawn.....
I don't want to be lost..but yet,I'm currently a resemblance of the flood water that flows in all directions....I'm no longer a resemblance of the river water that flows so smoothly and swiftly towards a particular aim or direction....How come?Is it me or you?
Can I forget you?Should I choose to wipe out the memories and the voice of yours in my head?I know it's impossible for you to know how I feel cause I doubt you even notice me as compared to the others.Presently,I don't want to lie to myself about the fact that:I do miss you and I like you!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can't have the whole world,can we?

Watched a movie last night,not Transformers...Although I wanted to,just can't seems to get the tickets and worse of all my friend forgotten to book it and I waited the whole night for the fella to confirm with me...Nevermind la,I'm not that much of robotic fan also.For now,I'm waiting for Leehom's new album to come out........Gosh!Really can't wait man!I actually waited everyday and counting down to the date his album is coming out....SWT!!!!When it is out,I'm so going to buy it.Not pirated but ORIGINAL!!!How could I possibly buy pirated CDs of his and cause him to lost his job man?I really want to meet him in person then later knowing him as friend...Cool eh?So I'll be his fan and friend...Ah!Snap out of it Jess!You'll never know him,not in your lifetime because:
  1. He is in Taiwan or anywhere but Malaysia in the mean time and I'm stuck in Malaysia
  2. How can I even manage to talk to him before getting myself kick out of the whatever setting I'm in or worse black list me for all his concerts(can't get any worse,huh?)
  3. Even if I manage to get up close and shake hand with him,does he even remember me after that?I mean who am I man?

Enough of daydreaming about the impossibles Jess....unless miracle happens!Oh crap,I'm starting the talking-to-myself-thingo again....better stop it before it get worse..Currently,I'm so lost of the whatever ping pong song both Satchid and Raja is talking about...nevermind!Oh now I don't get why Chiddy kept saying people hates him...and DENG! his talking about a song..haha...blurring!!!!I'm amazed at times by the level of blurness in thanx for the revealation(referring to Mr.T) But blurness are good sometimes because it lessens stress.So that you don't need to care so much about your surroundings like what people say and stuff that causes our stress level to shoot up like mad......Sometimes is even better to not know that you are caught between 2 people that you are forced to make a decision....signing off for today...tata

Saturday, June 30, 2007

My internet connection is back!!!!!

I'm back for more blogging......I wanted to upload the pictures of the dissection just now....but heck the whole system hang....ish!!!!I'm kind of impatient today so readers....i'm so sorry....another day again....I wanted to go and upload those pictures in friendster also and it's like taking a century loading impatient me is saying forget it!For your info it's half and hour to july while I'm typing I should ask myself this question : WHY THE HECK AM I STILL BLOGGING INSTEAD OF MURDERING MYSELF IN THE STUDY ROOM WITH BOOKS AND FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS OF HAVING FUN!Gosh.....I still have a life!!!!! Like I had mention on my previous entry...yes I'm still emo-ing and stuff easily....Things get slow and get out of my way, I blast off (for more info on this refer to those who work under me) I like to work with the following principles:
1. Work means no play but plain serious working
2. Mistake done,rectify and prevent repetition
3. Don't ask why for orders and stop fooling or mocking orders
4. Don't know then ask,don't act smart
5. Work according to situations and circumstances means work smart
6. Out of work time, play as crazy and hard
basically there's about it,so why I post this?I have hidden reasons for my juniors......haha...
Went to KFC for Mrs. Wong farewell today, I ordered dinner plate which consist of 3 pieces of chicken,and I would like to clarify that I finished the chicken all by myself EXCEPT it is beyond the time limit( and yes, I eat super slow but quite a lot so stop laughing jerks!)So sad that Mrs. Wong is going to leave us....haihz hopefully she gets her letter of confirmation by next week. to stay..Cam-whore with Jiaqi's camera today,so happy!!!!!!!!!!Signing off for today.....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Absolutely no idea......

Wanted to post up my pictures on my rat's dissection thingy but suddenly I don't feel like doing it...Maybe I'm begining to stress and freak out since STPM is damn near,I think I'm getting weirder and weirder day by day...Don't ask me how,why and what's wrong because I don't even know the real answer myself

  1. I emo easily nowadays....
  2. I feel like crying sometimes for some reasons when I'm alone
  3. I don't want to be alone
  4. I'm trying to irritate myself
  5. I don't feel like eating sometimes and end up eating like damn a lot
  6. I don't feel like watching tv
  7. I want to talk to someone but in the end I end up stoning to myself
  8. Others thought I was in deep thoughts when I'm darn quiet but the truth is I'm thinking nothing coz my mind is blank aka staring at mid-air for nothing.
  9. I'm confused between my own feelings towards people for the mean time
  10. I don't know what am I up to today
  11. Lastly,I'm lost at the moment.

I have no idea on what is wrong with me........But one thing is for sure I'm not close to breaking don't worry.I'll be back once my pictures for the dissection is ready...Oh yea,have a name for my rat.It's called "Fatty"......(to Tik Tsin: haha...gotcha for telling you that my rat is named after you XP) Signing off for today

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Can't wait.........

It's time to update my blog again......since I'm waiting for the arrival of the Sandman, might as well type an entry.....My scar is obviously in the picture and it the limelight goes to it...sob,sob!Now everyone knows that I became a humpty dumpty who had a great fall before picture day!!!(for those who think it's's not funny!) Argh and sigh!But at least I had something that cheers me up today....went to 1u straight after school with Tik Tsin driving me to Kenny Rogers and gosh how the chicken had shrunk since the last time I ate with Yu Ting and Hui Ling.Ironic is we are eating chicken during the bird flu spreading season.I wanted to eat waffles as a change at first but I can't resist the temptation of the aroma of roasted chicken of Kenny Rogers....And not forgetting the fact that Tik Tsin is another one who tempt me even more to eat.......haih...I surrender and we just walk into Kenny Roger's once we set foot in 1u.I took quite some time to finish my shrunken chicken today and I think the factor was I talk too much and the concentration when to talking more than eating....I enjoyed my food which is the most important.After that,we decided to go for movie!!!Fantastic Four!Great show with great graphics....I like that Fireguy Johnny Storm,he looks kinda cute to me...oh yes I LOVE the silver's guy costume and make up,not to mention the silver surf board he had because it was super cool.....But at the same time,I got quite lost by the Destroyer destroying the Earth scene....In a nutshell the show was awesome!After movie,we went to A&W to yum{cha} and of course the so called {cha} was non other than root beer......Later we wanted to head home but instead of going to the carpark which is above Parkson,we went into MPH and we went to the medical books section and got ourself fascinated over there and then went to the chemistry books and start recalling what we learn but very paiseh le because we kinda proof ourself for not studying enough which we both start regretting about.Looks like Sandman has came to visit me!Before signing off,
to Tik Tsin:Thank you so much for spending me on food today...XP

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Shocked?Horrified?U describe

I wonder if thursdays are really a bad day for me?And try guessing what had just happened to me while I was in the LRT before I start describing.....yes it's a thursday and "interesting event" happenned at the same setting and at the same time.(refer to my previous entry on the 24/5/07 for further details)...............But it's not history repeats itself again,Amen to that......(my new wallet is still with me).....Oh yeah...another incident this time.....okay lets start the story at 1.30pm when I arrived at Kelana Jaya LRT station.David called me once I reached the station and he said that his at the station and waiting for me at the ticket booth.So there I was walking towards the station scanning the ticket booth to look for David.....but he is no where to be found....So I called him and he was still at the bridge leading into the station.....(That is soooooo David....)Anyway shall thank him for coming to Kelana Jaya LRT station though he can go KL straight from his house in Puchong by bus.And so I'm stuck in tuition from 2.00pm til 6.15 pm.After that,I head to the LRT station to go home......And when the first train was super packed so I decided to wait for another one while kind of having my guards up against whoever suspiciously hanging around me.*tadaa* here comes the interesting part.Some guy whom I saw before a few times at the same station approached me......(he is weirdo who talks loudly on the phone and keeps saying sorry to others for no apparent reasons......freaky?yes to me.)So he came to me abruptly and asked me why I didn't board up the first train and not to be rude,i just answered him because the train was packed.There I was so afraid that he will start asking me questions(which he did before to others according to what I saw last time when Yu Ting was there)He is just freaky I tell you..When the second train arrive,I boarded it without having the mood to wait for another one though it was just as packed as the previous.So there I was again boarding the train....Guess what?He squeezed in too...and he was pushing me.....Ish!the train was so cramed and he almost pushed me into smelling the big guys armpit.Yuck!So while in the train,he managed to squeezed to stand beside me......Urgh!!!This time I had to call my friend to ask him to keep talking to me despite the fact that my credits were running low in order to avoid him......Suddenly,the phone line was cut!Dammit!!So he took the opportunity to talk to me...asking me which station I'm getting off...(For goodness sake,does it really matter to him?)Finally my friend manage to call through again....Hallelujah..Therefore,I continued talking with my friend until Taman Paramount station where that guy board off.Before he get off he purposely come in front of me to say bye ao I just did a quick wave not to be rude again.....Phew...Oh yeah...during the train ride,he suddenly shouted "shit!"loudly and start complaining that his phone has no battery LOUDLY!!!!!Gosh he always do that for the past few times when Yu Ting and I saw him......F-R-E-A-K-Y!!!or maybe you may say his trying to attract attention but please of all things why do that?Only he knows...Still freaking out while signing off......

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sien gilerr.........

I'm superbly lost and unproductive today......Woke up at 9am and stoned for about half an hour in front of my closet wondering of what to wear for tuition tonight(haha....this is called planning of outfit according to my dictionary)and also what to do today.After that,I moved on to the kitchen to find for food and guess what?I found blueberry flavoured blue colour cotton candies!!!!My love!!!!!!!Hence I made it as my breakfast for the morning.....(I know,I know candies are bad for teeth and breakfast should not be taken lightly....but just for once I'm so going to ignore this healthy factors).After finishing my candy breakfast,I'm supposed to study according to my earlier stoning-while-planning session about an hour ago...However,I somehow ended up switching on the electron gun and watch Channel 30 (it's 10.30am btw so the show that is gonna be up suppose to be "Lethal weapon" or "Fuk yu fan wan" in cantonese) Since I missed the episode the night before so I thought of no harm watching it....And there I go watching the show while admiring Raymond Lam,Bosco Wong and Charmaine Sheh until 11.30am......And then i started my computer intended on completing my eco-project for bio supposedly but somehow i ended up talking trash with Uncle Chid the Chinapek(dats Satchid).Suddenly,my phone rang!!!!It's my friend,she ask me to go karaoke and she's waiting downstairs......but in the end of the phone call,she asked me this" u really think that I'm downstairs do u?"Celaka betul!!!It was a prank.........So much of excitement huh?Since I can't bring myself to the karaoke,so I shall bring karaoke to myself!!Haha...took out the collection of CDs and start playing them one by one and start singing in my house....Lame......I know!
*(stop laughing you people....I help to stop the rain and made the sun came out to shine at least!) Finish singing,I had a break by having a Kit Kat (oh wait 2 Kit Kats).Then i went into my room to do some reading and when I realised what time it was,I suddenly don't feel like studying because it's near dinner time....Before I managed to convince myself to glue on my chair and read one chapters of Reaction Kinetics on Tan Yin Toon book at least,the drilling from the renovation upstairs began and *poof* it went my mood to study for the day.....So I took my phone and start messaging my friends since I'm desperately bored.No luck because non of them replied(no thanks to those I sms-ed during that moment)So once again I depended on my computer and TV to save my live from the boredness that is murdering me....and there I was typing this entry....haha...opps time for dinner and have to prepare to attend tuition.
signing off.....and so much for i did today.*sigh*

Monday, June 4, 2007

Wang Lee Hom!!!!!!!!!(part 1)

I feel that something is missing from my blog....Of course!Lee Hom's biodata......Please don't ask me who is Lee Hom alright?!Because everyone should know who is he,i mean it.....EVERYONE!!!

He is super talented.He can sing very well and that is a definite.Can dance pretty well and he knows how to play various musical instruments....Just name it and he can play them(ranging from guitar, piano, drums ,violin, Er-hu and etc)Besides he is also a songwriter, and producer and is popular in many parts of Asia, including China, HK, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. The release of 蓋世英雄 marks his eleventh year and eleventh album in the industry.

Leehom,a native of Rochester, New York, is an artist/producer/writer with SonyBMG Taiwan. He is also a film actor, his recent projects include Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution", in the supporting role of Kuang Yu Min.
After studying music at the Eastman School of Music, Williams College, and the Berklee College of Music, Leehom burst into the Chinese pop music scene in 1998 with his album Revolution, which he both composed and produced, garnering awards for both "Best Male Artist of the Year" and "Best Producer of the Year" in Taiwan's 1999 Golden Melody Awards, the "Grammies" of Chinese pop music. He was 22 years old, making him the youngest person ever to win the award in either of the two categories.Since his debut, Leehom has consistently been nominated for the "Best Male Artist of the Year" award eight years in a row, solidifying his role as one of the most important, influential and prolific artists in Chinese music. In total, Leehom has recorded 11 solo albums, with career sales topping ten million units.Leehom plays over 10 musical instruments. In his albums, Leehom can be heard playing some or all of the instruments including: piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, vibraphone, erhu, and xun. In his live concerts, he typically performs five or six. His concert toursare massive productions, 3 hour long shows in Asia’s largest arenas. In 2006, his solo concert toured in Taiwan, China, Japan, HK, Singapore and Malaysia, and included a sold-out performance at the 80,000 seat Shanghai arena.
A solid musical background enables Leehom to pull from a variety of musical styles and invent (and continuously reinvent) his sound, that is distinctly Chinese and international at the same time. For example, his 2005 release, Shangri-la drew Mongolia, and Yunan. In 2006, "Heroes of Earth" centered around Beijing opera and its predecessor, Kun Qu.One of the greatest aspects of being a public figure is the ability toaccess international media, and to communicate with and help other young people of the world. Socially active, Leehom's charity work goes hand-in-hand with his career. Some of the highlights include:Nature, the album dedicated to Jane Goodall in conjunction withLeehom's work as the National Geographic Channel spokesperson in HongKong; Ashes to Ashes, the anti-smoking short film sponsored by theHong Kong government; "Love Will Never Disappear", the song performed by A-Mei Chang for disaster relief after Taiwan's 1999 earthquake;"Frozen Dreams", a song collectively composed on the internet by Leehom's and his fans with all proceeds going to charity; and"Happiness x3, Loneliness x3", the collaborative song with TetsuoKamuro made for the Japanese government's anti-drug campaign. In 2002,Leehom was appointed by UNICEF as the Youth Ambassador to Nepal, andhosted the a MTV "Speak Your Mind" documentary on education, childlabor, and the sex trade. In May of 2003, with SARS crippling manyparts of Asia, Leehom wrote and produced the charity song "Hand InHand". This song was performed by 85 of the big-name artists in Chinese pop music history. An instant classic, "Hand In Hand" hasbecome the "We Are the World" of this generation of Chinese. Tsunami relief, charity concerts, the list goes on. Leehom intends to putcharity work first in the future, and has plans to open a music school in Taiwan so that its children can have the opportunity to receive a music education.He is also the ambassador for Celcom and Sony-Erricson in Malaysia and he had stared in the advertisements..

Finally, Leehom also is known for his genuine, warm personality. He is gentle and appreciative towards those around him, and his boyish demeanor is disarming, especially when juxtaposed with hisprofessionalism and meticulous work ethic. He is passionate about his art and cherishes every opportunity for creative exchange with others,in music, movies, or any other forum.

His awards:

Best New Artist of 1996, The People's Daily Newspaper, Taiwan
Best New Artist of 1996, Push Magazine, Taiwan
Top 20 of 1998, Channel V: "Revolution" (公轉自轉)
Ten Best Albums of the Year, News Media Group, Malaysia: Revolution
Ten Best Albums of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association, Taiwan: Revolution; 十大年度專輯, 中華音樂人交流協會, 公轉自轉
Best Producer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan: Revolution; 最佳專輯製作人, 台灣金曲獎, 公轉自轉
Best Male Vocalist of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan: Revolution; 最佳男演唱人, 台灣金曲獎, 公轉自轉
Best Producer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Singapore: Revolution; 最佳專輯製作人, 新加坡金曲獎, 公轉自轉
Best New Male Artist, HK Radio Station
Top 20 of 1999, Channel V: "Julia"
Ten Best Albums of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association: Impossible to Miss You; 十大優良專輯, 中華音樂人交流協會, 不可能錯過妳
Top Ten Songs of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association: "Crying Palm"; 十大優良單曲, 中華音樂人交流協會, "流淚手心"
Best Male Vocalist, MTV Asia
Best Composer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳專輯製作人, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Best Male Vocalist of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳男演唱人, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Top 20 of 2000, Channel V: "Forever's First Day" (永遠的第一天)
Best Singer-Songwriter, Channel V; 最佳創作歌手
Best Song, MTV Asia: "The One and Only" (唯一)
Best Song of the Year, CCTV-MTV Asia: "Descendent of the Dragon" (龍的傳人)
Best Composer-Artist, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳創作歌手, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Best Producer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳專輯製作人, 馬來西亞金曲獎, 唯一
Top Ten Songs, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia: "The One and Only"; 十大金曲, 馬來西亞金曲獎, “唯一”
Best Male Vocalist, CCTV-MTV Asia
Top 20 Songs, CCTV-MTV Asia: "The One and Only" (唯一)
Best Composer-Artist, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳創作歌手, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Best Lyricist, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳作詞人, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Most Popular Male Singer, HITO Pop Music Awards, Taiwan
Best Song of the Year, HITO Pop Music Awards, Taiwan: "W-H-Y"
Best Music Video, Channel V: "You and I Don't Make Us" (兩個人不等於我們)
Top Ten Songs of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association: "Love, Love, Love"; 十大優良單曲, 中華音樂人交流協會, “Love, Love, Love”
Top Ten Albums of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association: Unbelievable; 十大優良專輯, 中華音樂人交流協會, 不可思議
Top Ten Albums of the Year, China Times: Unbelievable; 年度十大國語專輯, 中國時報, 不可思議
Media's Choice Artist, Channel V
Top Fashion Trendsetter, Cosmopolitan, China
Top Ten Songs of the Year, HiTFM, “You Are Not There” and “The One and Only” (Japanese version); 十大金曲 Hit Fm「百首單曲票選活動」, “妳不在”, “唯一” (日文版)
Best Male Singer Award, Channel V; 最佳男歌手獎, 第十屆全球華語榜中榜
Best Producer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan: Unbelievable; 最佳專輯製作人, 台灣金曲獎, 不可思議
Ten Best Albums of the Year, 十大優秀個人專輯, 新浪卓越2003年文化風雲榜, 不可思議
Most Popular Asian Male Singer, Golden Melody Awards, Singapore; 亚太最受推崇男歌手, 新加坡金曲獎
The Best Songs of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Singapore: "Love Is Everywhere"; 十大金曲, 新加坡金曲獎 "爱无所不在"
10佳入耳最炫專輯, 东西南北大学生炫歌榜, 不可思議
Favorite Asian Artist, Channel V, Thailand

kk..too long and i shall wait to post some more about him in part to be continued

signing off ......

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Was checking my emails and i found the following :

Teacher: Why are you late?
Balgobin: Because of the sign.
Teacher: What sign?
Balgobin: The one that says,"School ahead, Go Slow."

Teacher: Balgobin, why are you doing maths sum on the floor?
Balgobin: You told me to do it without using tables!

Teacher: Balgobin,how do you spell "crocodile"?
Balgobin: "K-R-O-K-O-D-A-I-L"
Teacher: No,that's wrong!
Balgobin: Maybe it's wrong,but you asked me how I spell it!

Teacher: What is the chemical formula for water?
Balgobin: "HIJKLMNO"
Teacher: What are you talking about?
Balgobin: Yesterday you told me it's H-to-O!

Teacher: Balgobin,go to the map and find North America!
Balgobin: Here it is!
Teacher: Correct.Now class,who found North America?
Class: Balgobin!

Teacher: Balgobin, why are you so dirty?
Balgobin: Well,I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are!

Teacher: How can you prevent diseases caused by biting insects?
Balgobin: Don't bite any!

Teacher: Balgobin,give me a sentence starting with "I".
Balgobin: I is...
Teacher: No Balgobin.Always say "I am."
Balgobin: All right.."I is the ninth letter of the alphabet."

Teacher: Can anybody give an example of "COINCIDENCE"?
Balgobin: Sir,my mother and father got married at the same day and the same time.

Teacher: George Washington not only chopped down his father's Cherry tree,but also admitted doing it.Now do you know why his father didn't punish him?
Balgobin: Because George still had the axe in his hands?

Balgobin: Dad,can you write in the dark?
Father: I think so.What do you want me to write?
Balgobin: Your name on this report card.

Balgobin: Dad,have you ever been to Egypt?
Father: No.Why do you ask that?
Balgobin: Well,where do you get this mummy then?

Teacher: What a pair of strange socks you are wearing?One is green and the one is blue with red spots.
Balgobin: Yes,it's really strange.I've got another pair just like that at home.

Teacher: Now,children, if i saw a man beating a donkey and stopped him,what virtue would I be showing?
Balgobin: Brotherly love?

Teacher: Now Balgobin,tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?
Balgobin: No sir,I don't have to,my mum is a good cook.

Teacher: Balgobin, your composition on "My Dog" is exactly the same as your brother's.Did you copy his?
Balgobin: No sir! It's the same dog.

Teacher: What do you call a person who keeps on talking when peope are no longer interested?
Balgobin: A teacher!

even it's a joke but some kids do actually act like that and the questions they asked really drive you up the wall....And why say that?Because I had encountered one.While teaching him the 26 letters in the alphabets.Suddenly out of the blues,he asked me "Why must A come before B?Why can't A be after G?"I stone and I stunned.Answers anyone?
Oh yeah,babysitting a bunch of kids who does not belong to me isn't my cup of tea too...I don't mind if it's one or two but if I was assigned to look after a whole bunch of them?I give up!Hey they are healthy kids alright!So minus the fact that they make a great deal of noise and they run around when you want them to sit still,they will either ask you funny questions that make you literally stone(hey Tik Tsin,so much of stoning huh?) or they make you one of their water gun or painting targets or even worse.......they do some funny things that you know is wrong but they don't and when you try to explain to them the reply you will get from them is non other than "why?why?why?"
Signing off!
p/s:sorry chongie and jiaqi havta ffk tonite!!My bad!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy-n-sad day of 24th May 2007

Why happy?
It was orientation dayfor the lower sixers....I have my own station behind Dewan Bakti and my station mates are Yu Ting, Meng Li, Hui Ling, Jiaqi, Yee Han, Lavania and Hadi........We made it fear factor style minus the "special" stunts and delicacies....Nyway here is how the game goes each team has to send a female representative and she had to dipped her hand into a plastic tank full of RM2 of crickets which i had bought the night before this and to take out a piece of paper.On the paper was written with either A or B indicating the level of santan they have to squeezedinto the bucket with santan and a bit of water provided by us but lucky thing none of the teams got A....hehe..... So within the 1 and a half minute given none of the teams manage to aqueezed out the amount of santan hence all of them got flour and water treatment...later the next part was they had to feel 7 things we prepared for them.The 7 things namely were:
1. bananas (squashed up til is all icky and slimy)
2. tomatoes (ditto as above)
3. eggs (broken and the shells crushed in it)
4. cendol
5. needle mushrooms
6. papaya seeds
7. squids (with al the intestines taken out by hui ling and it was splattered everywhere together with its tentacles)
all the above 7 items were soaked in ice and water to create a cold and slimy effect......All of them had to name me all 7 things and they could only go off without extra flour and water if they got 4 or 5 correct......Sadly none of the groups manage to run away with extra sticky flour and water mixture....Some of my team mates even got the crazy idea of applying blueberry jam on the juniors(hey,that wasn't my idea ok?)Later when the whole thing ended we were all asked to go into the gymnasium and the juniors were allowed to vote for the worst station..*drum rolls*....and the award goes to my station,Jian Sheng's and Kelvin's....all 3 of us have to duckwalk but i got off with it thanks to my wound and so all i need to do was "quack" for the 2 of them while they duck-walked.Then after that was the auction for slaves.....the girls won the guys on buying the 4 female juniors whom the guys were drooling for earlier before we even started this auction and guess what we girls won them by getting the highest bid of happy to see the dissapointment on the guys' face but later they got another 4 female slaves and they were easily satisfied........
Conclusion:This was the fun part which i shall kept it lock under the bottom of my heart....hey i really had a fun time together with my station mates...

Why Sad?
My wallet got picked at the Pasar Seni LRT station at 6.15pm........Gah!!!!!Da asshole squuezed in the train juz before the door closed and took my wallet.In a split second!!!When I knew about it,it was too late because the door closed and the train moved..Was so pissed and angry at the same time until i cursed that guy along the journey to Kelana Jaya LRT station.....So when i board off the train,i went to the ticket booth to tell them what happen and they send their supervisor i think to deal with me.....The supervisor was a disgrace to Malaysia and he doesn't even deserve to work there.....This was what happened.....I told him about the incident all over again...and he scolded me for why i didn't get down the train on KL Sentral station so i told him that i was in shocked,what he replied me totally blew me off:" Kamu shock tapi masih boleh guna otak kan?"What the heck man?!Then i suggested that maybe he could do something maybe like retrace the CCTV footage of the Pasar Seni LRT station,as long as something is done to make me at least feel better....but no,that fella instead of that answered me off saying :"Aku juga manusia.......tak boleh buat apa-apa"What assurance they gave?In the end,i was so pissed and i walked off ,oh yeah one of the passenger saw the argument between me and the LRT guy,he came and help by sorting things out and he got instead asked rudely by the LRT guy:"siapa kamu kepada dia?" and that passenger also got pissed .....Later i went to SS2 police station to made a report and i also have to travel all the way to Dang Wangi police station to made another report because the incident happened there...the police were at least helpful luckily!
Conclusion:I want to forget this part of the day.But at least i learnt a lesson to be more careful with my belongings at least...and to all my readers,better keep your eyes open and be alert with the people who stand near to you......don't let what mishap happened on you like it did on me...
Signing off..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Monday was our phoograph session and yup.....I'm involved.......coz i'm one of the Ed Board was super hot on that day and how brilliant of us to work under the sun without any caps.......but oh yes...there were umbrellas but they were used to prevent glaring from the sun.....And wat the heck i'm sweating like mad til my sunblock literally melted on my face........
Then during candid shot.......the behind ppl pushed me and alas i ended up with a gash of wound on my left leg.....and for viewer's info i'm actually wiping off the puss on the wund while typing this blog.....and dammit the wound may heal sooner or later but hecki lost the chance of going for my taekwondo competition which will be held on sunday and also the wound will b shown together with the developed picture later...and of all picture it's da prefect's picture u know?!gah..........i don't hav the mood to type any further today as the wound on my leg is bloody pain and it's not getting any better any tim soon i think......ah signing out for today...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exam is temporarily over!!!!

I shall mark my calender's end of my mid term exams today....weee..but......heck!If you think about it in a different way it actually means that i am another step closer to STPM!!!! ARGH!!!!!Anyway,I truly learnt my lesson....NEVER EVER STUDY LAST MINUTE!!!! Although studying last minute actually worked for me last time but not any more (how sad!!) because there is so much to remember and it's kinda like my brain get saturated very fast it seems nowadays.Even though the fact that studying consistently may sound ideal to me,however my patience to glue down at my table has it's limits and when the limits are exceeded,i'll fall asleep.....Hence my brain has reached it's so-called saturated vapour pressure when i'm caught dozing off in front of my books again.
Maybe it is a norm for form6 students to score lower as compared to the other courses but seriously i never regret coming into form 6 even though i may do bettter in A-levels or some other similar courses.In short,form 6 actually taught us more than what is in the textbooks as in,also, how we stand a better chance to survive in the crude and unpredictable world.Thanks to the fact that they set super hard questions to drill us within a short time limit for us to digest the facts thoroughly.....and alas tough luck causes us to fail!Notice or not the fact that a person may be more prepare to face the future if he or she learnt how to face stress and maybe one failure or two.I'm not saying that failing is a good thing but think about it this way:If we always achieve what we want by a pinch of luck and also no doubts about hardwork.Suddenly,we face a failure later in life?What happens then?Breakdown or stand up again is merely a clear answer.It's easy for one to answer the following:
"Just try again later and don't give up..........yada yada......and work hard........"However when the person is really in the situation,whatever actions he take is cut the long story short,that's where and why psychologist and psychiatrist come into the scene right?

p/s:the above is just a personal point of view,readers may disagree or agree...
dats all for now........

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm blogging again

It's been tremendously long since i last blog..Kinda lost track bout everything...heck...worst thing to happen is i can't remember my previous blog address....
Actually today is just after my bio paper......thank God it is not as difficult as the previous Physics and Chem hopefully my few nights spent to burn the midnight oil is not wasted....and i just don't wanna fail.Anyway who in the world wants to fail?So i was chatting with chong xian juz now and he was daring me to put his name and start dissing him on the first entry of my blog....and hey i did it!(hey chongie,for daring me to do this,u owe me a lunch again!) Ah,tomorrow is maths paper 2......can't afford to screw this paper up as i've already did for the paper 1.Really can't wait for next week to come by because
a) midterm is officially over
b)ragging of lower sixers will begin {evil grins}
anyway i still have bigger fish to fry as my trials and STPM is another day or another week closer..haha...
For now,i shall study maths....