Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unfailing Love

You have my heart
And I am Yours forever
You are my strength
God of grace and power

And everything You hold in Your hand
Still You make time for me
I can't understand
Praise you God of Earth and sky
How beautiful is Your unfailing love
Unfailing love

And You never change God You remain
The Holy One
My unfailing love
Unfailing love

You are my rock
The one I hold on to

You are my song
And I sing for You

And everything You hold in Your hand
Still You make time for me
I can't understand

Praise You God of Earth and sky
How beautiful is Your unfailing love
Unfailing love

And You never change God You remain
The Holy One
My unfailing love
Unfailing love

I will praise You
Praise You God of Earth and sky
How beautiful is Your unfailing love
Unfailing love

And You never change God You remain
The Holy One
My unfailing love

Unfailing love
Unfailing love
Unfailing love
Unfailing love
Unfailing love

I love this song....It's from Chris Tomlin...Big thanks to Andrew who gave me the CDs yesterday night after futsal game!Not one but TWO CDs....Hey Andrew!Maybe God asked you to burn 2 CD because He knows that you will know me sooner or later and you'll give it to me....I mean when you're downloading the songs and all,you don't even know me yet right?AND coincidentally I'm finding for worship songs CD! Thank you for helping me so much lar...I know I always mafan u with last minute....really last minute requests some more...XP Hey get well soon with your flu lar....don't go spreading your flu virus around!!

Monday, April 28, 2008


I just signed up for an audtion for both dancing and singing....Don't ask me why and for what...Coz when the time comes,I'll blog more about it and that also depends on whether I got in or not...If I didn't get in then a bit no point for me to blog about why I lost right?Anyway!!! I NEED INSPIRATIONS ON DANCE STEPS AND A SONG!
Lead me the way and show me the light....I really want to pass through this audition this time....Please Please Please.....
On another note,I will be joining for a futsal game this evening at 1u at 9pm til 11pm...YAY!!!
He is still working at this hour and it is 3am in the morning whie I'm typing this alright?Hmm no worries,he can't survive without enough rest so oh well I guess he will definitely pay back his sleep debt tomorrow morning...Same note: I miss him dearly even though he doesn't know it! =)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's with me with this dancing thingo in me?

Argh.....me and my dancing fever on a Saturday night......

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Inspired By A Convo

Since I don't have the karaoke pictures yet,so I might as well blog something else first....It's 1.00am in the middle of the night and I'm still awake online and chatting...I was in 1u the whole day for 12 hours.I know it's damn crazy but yea I did it...Walking around with high heels and constant high speed is not a wise idea altogether.But oh well, it's me and my heels! I can choose to take out my shoes and walk around but I doubt I need the extra attentions from whoever that is going to walk past me...
Anyway,it's been few days since I last blog about you...But even so,I'm still constantly thinking of you, especially when the specific song is on air and it drowns me with all of you in my brain...You look awesomely charming in that memory that I had, you know? My biggest fear right now is I better don't have a sleep-walking syndrome or I'm caught drunk dialling you to tell you how much I love you! And this reminds me of one of the lines in Wang LeeHom's "Wei Yi" song which is also one of the song that we,the karaoke kaki-s simply blasted in the karaoke room earlier.In addition to the mood tonight and all the emo songs on the radio,I guess I'm going to think of you until the very second I got knocked off to dream land...or worse you'll make me end up dreaming about you...
Just when I finish posting this post for the first attempt...the song I meant to think of you instantly popped up in the radio again...why must it be such a coincidence?You are so going to make me cry!You know that?

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sorry to know what happen to you!
Hope you'll be okay and well...
I really hope that I'm by your side now,
I really do,
Get well soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What type of omen is this?

I got woke up by a text message tone which was usually quite unlikely to happen but I don't know why it was amplified this morning..Thank you so much Richard for waking me up -.-" It's 8am,gosh no it's 7.50am.....Argh~!Then I walk into the living room after I got enough with my bed.....The first thing I heard from the radio is a song asociated with you!Gosh!Even though you did not sing that song but somehow it's related to you in a way that I can't reveal or else the whole world will probably guess who you are..You notice that I did not mention your name up from the beggining when I woke up right?Because I had a peaceful night and dreams without you. But why?Why must I be awaken at this odd hour with my usually-ants-only-can-hear message ring tone?And why of all song but the song associated with you is on air?You may tell me is a coincidence but I really hope is an omen to something good! You make me think of you again, 'nuff said!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thinking of you makes me damn happy!

Damn! I'm so in love with you until I can almost link every single feeling, mood, situation, song, stuff that I do and etc to YOU every single day,hour,minute and second as far as I'm breathing! Like I said previously, I don't care whether both of us will end up together or not and I'm not going to regret of not telling you that I like you but instead putting you up with another girl...All I care about now is you and how much I like you and to pray for you!Missing you even if you don't read this..
p/s: am I succeeding in bringing snow to M'sia?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just another thought of mine

I know I'll probably never be with you as I've already predicted ever since the first day I found out that I like you...I know someone else suits you better since both of you are of the same interest and the same thinking mind.Coincidentally I know her too and I really think that she suits you better as compared to me.And hey, I'm so going to patch both of you up together.It's weird that I don't feel jealous and stuff because I've finally learnt something.If you really like the person,it doesn't matter whether you own him or not;but you would want to see him happy and well. I know,I know it sounds a lil' cliche.
Argh!I ran out of things to type but if you really ask me whether will I still be liking him and stuff and my answer to you is YES! I still like,admire and love you a lot!But of course I'm not going to tell you and when I come to think of it,it's a good thing that you don't read my blog..haha!~Pfft~ even if you read all these,you won't even notice it's you anyway...since you are still anonymous in here even though plenty of people started asking me who is this guy?from where?and etc.....
Signing off by still missing you a lot and love you! <3

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I wish you can duet this with me

Light Of My Life

Wandering, like a leaf upon the wind.I have been searching for someone.Holding out for a love to shake my soul.Heaven or nothing.Then you walked into my life.In a blaze of light.I've never wanted someone more.You are the one I've waited for.Light of my life.You are the fire in my heart.When I am lost I know I'll feel you burning in the dark.You're light of my life.Every star in the sky.Shines more brightly when you're at my side.You're the light of my life.

Dreaming,I feel you next to me.No, I'm not dreaming...Cause I'm drowning in your kiss.I die in your arms.And when I hear you call my name.Baby,it's like I'm born again. Light of my life.You are the fire in my heart.When I am lost.I know I'll feel you burning in the dark.You're light of my life.Every star in the sky.Shines so brightly when you're at my side.You're the light of my life.

Your love is like a lantern in the rain.Bringing me home time and again.Burning like an eternal flame.Light of my life.You're the beat of my heart.When I am lost.When you're lost I know.You'll see me shining.Shining in the dark.You're the light of my life.Like the stars in the sky.Only you can take me through.You're the only one that makes it right.Only you set fire to the night.You're the light of my life.

You are My LEEHOM!!!

You are just like Leehom came close enough for me to know you!!! Thank God that I know you!Thank you for even noticing me! You shine like a star to me oh wait u already are...but you shone somewhere else that you have not achieved before; that is my life, my world, Jess's world!You rock the socks out of my world,you know that?I don't care whether you'll see this message here or not but all I want to shout out to you in this depth of night is: I love you, my Leehom!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I wonder with emo-ness this time

I wonder...
  • where are you today?
  • what were you doing the whole day today and yesterday?
  • whether are you too busy catching up with your postponed work?
  • why you did not come online for 2 days?
  • do you know that I'm thinking about you all the time?
  • do you know that I've waited for you to come online the whole day?
  • will you ever notice me and not to mention to think about me?
  • will you ever visit my blog?
  • will you ever make things that I thought it was impossible possible to me?
  • whether you know that I'm always caught up with a hesitation to text you?
  • why sometimes I just could not stop myself from thinking of you until in the end you appeared in my dreams?
  • is this call missing you too much?
  • do you know that I'm relating myself to every emo song that I'm listening to?
  • do you know that I regret putting down the phone so fast when the one time you called me?
  • will I finally break and phone up the radio station to say how I feel about you during the late night song dedication?
  • what happens if I tell you how I feel in front of you?
  • what happen to Mel after promising to be back but in the end dissapeared?

Monday, April 7, 2008

I Wonder...

I wonder...
  • why am I so addicted to Facebook applications?
  • how can I be so lucky of not getting any tags since the day I started blogging?
  • why the tv has nothing on but boring shows today?
  • whether my blog is dying or not?
  • why the ants like to bite my toe so much?
  • how is it like to date a celebrity?
  • how does it feels to have your own album selling like crazy?
  • why am I missing him so badly?
  • whether the story of Romeo and Juliet is true?
  • what happens if he knows that I like him?
  • what is the condition of recovery of my friend who just got his tonsil removed?
  • how is it like to go to exclusive clubs with someone?
  • how ear wax taste like? (haha not going to taste it myself definitely)
  • what happens if I went for the audition of Astro Star Quest?
  • what happens if I know how to play music instruments?
  • why my phone doesn't ring the whole day?
  • when will I get my relationship luck improved?
  • why the heck am I so out of my mind today?
  • do I actually know what am I typing this whole while?