Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breaking in sweats!

OMG! STPM is getting so freaking near.....I think I even dreamt of sitting for STPM the next day by knowing nuts about everything! Ish.....stress!stress! STRESS! *big sigh* I can't seem to concentrate on what I'm studying......anyway I went to celebrate Yu Ting's birthday with Jiaqi, Hui Ling, Meng Li, Guo Zhang, Chongie, Shiau, Chid and David at 1u......When Jiaqi and I were walking towards Secret Recipe,we saw Pn Tiong *gasp* (but she didn't see us...I hope :/) and then later we were like discussing about what happens if we ran into Miss Tong.Chinese folklore once said : "Don't talk about someone in the morning" (hey,I directly translated it from Cantonese ok?) The point is when Jiaqi and I splitted up with the group due to the fact that I pulled her to find a pair of sandals as my leg had blisters,SUDDENLY I saw Miss Tong walked towards us *big big gasps* We actually ran for our "lifes"...I really can't imagine what she will say to us if she saw us loitering at the shopping mall instead of prisoning ourselves with constant jamming of facts........
On another random note,you could see something hanging on my face,in front of my eyes,above my nose and supported by my ears starting on 22 of October 2007.....yes,laugh all you want cause I'll look weird to you people out there.....
Currently ran out of ideas to blog.....=.=" To those out there whom are going to face the dreaded exams,I wish you best of luck.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find;knock and the door will be opened to you.For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks,the door will be opened."-Matthew 7:7,8

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Care more for the kids

I'm sure all of you who reads the newspaper or rather those who just flip through it(*ahem*that's so my style of reading newspaper....aiyak!paiseh!) saw the news of the 8 years old girl,Nurin...I totally pity her for her gruesome death and pray that she's found peace now...Her parents were also blamed for negligence and they kinda denied it if I'm not mistaken....but honestly speaking I guess they really have their responsibility on that...I mean from what I was informed,they actually allowed their eldest daughter aged 9 and the deceased to go out to pasar malam?I mean,gosh! I think I wasn't even allowed to go anywhere alone or with someone plus minus a year or two older than me......not even to the playground!Sad life,no? But when it comes to safety issues,I guess it was alright.And this just reminds me on what I saw this afternoon while I was waiting for my dad.....There was this small girl about 3 years old playing alone at the swimming pool all by herself!Yes, it's cute to see her screaming,making faces entertaining herself and splashing water and all....Suddenly she got off the baby pool and decided to explore into the adults one!Just right before the moment she jumped into the BIG pool,her dad or someone she knew I supposed came to her rescue.....But the point here is,how could a small kid like her can be left alone in the pool with the adult out of sight? Worse still,there were construction workers walking up and down the area(not that I'm discriminating construction workers but it's better safe than sorry right?)..........And before I left with my dad,I caught her drinking the pool's chlorinated water.....How many sips?Answer: Plenty!
On another note,the other day when my mum went to the market, she heard this kid about 9 years old or so saying this in Chinese: " mummy say all this beggars are all liars,they can walk one!" I saw that mister beggar she meant before and I 100% assure you that he can't walk......Gosh!He's like crawling on the floor with blood trickling out once awhile from his newly amputated leg and here we are having kids saying this in front of him?I don't blame the child but I blame her parents! How in the world could you possibly teach her to say that?
Until another post, signing off for now!