Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sudden storm...

Sudden storm just struck this afternoon but it struck me much later...
Unprepared or maybe don't want to be prepared...
I don't know...
Looking out of the window with the clock ticking behind me...
I'm suppose to be sleeping by now...
But waves of thoughts just swept passed...
I don't need you to understand,
Don't need you to care,
Don't need you to know,
The rain stopped outside but it never did inside...
I should have known earlier but I choose to deny,
I gave my very best,
But I got the worse return...
I won't ask for anything else
I just want the rain to stop
But am wondering
What happens after the rain stops?
Will it be a rainbow?
Or will it be a flood?
If given another chance for a start-over,
I want it to snow
Snow when you appeared
Freeze everything from the beggining
Just like the painstakingly awaited winter...
Charles Kingsley said:
Every winter,
When the great sun has turned his face away,
The earth goes down into a vale of grief,
And fasts, and weeps and shrouds herself in sables,
Leaving her wedding garlands to decay
Then leaps in spring to his returning kisses...

But after much wondering,
Will I need the "return" of what Charles Kingsley meant?
I don't think so...
Maybe it's not too late to snow in me now
It happened before and I will let it happen again
And this time,
I'm gonna let it freeze
And please,
Don't bother thawing...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post freaking ramblings

*Expires air*fuhhhh~ To fellow classmates: think of forced expiratory volume huh?
I just got back but am not in the mood..
I think I fail..don't ask me why..cause I can't answer as well probably I freaked and I forgot everything and yes even the starting...
So yeap at this point of my life, plus what happen yesterday..I failed...2 things in 2 days...
But one thing,I'm lost for finding an explanation of what type of coincidence about the trigger of the first failure of yesterday can remind me minutes before the start of the second failure...
At this point I can't understand myself what more of the others...
Anyway sorry Kenneth and Terri,I doubt I made it but thanks for the support, I really appreciate it...
On another note, come to reflect about what happened in past weeks and months I thank God so much for His grace and mercy that I pass my finals 2 weeks ago...and I found a job and so I will be working to earn my camera.
Everything is about waiting and waiting,
wait for the correct timing,
wait for the correct situation and people...
My patience is again put on test
And I wonder if I can I make it even after failing twice...
I don't know and I resign from predicting myself
As I made the decision for the last goodbye...or so I think I'm able to do it

It bleeds again..but fibrosis will take place...I hope the surgery won't happen of removing necrosed parts...

Freaking ramblings

STOP freaking out....pls pls pls....CAn I freaking stop freaking out?urgh!7 hours more and I'm freaking like crap...........But I really really wanna have the offer.....How la?????ARGH!!and my voice not to mention it..today is totally at the lowest point..... *bangs head*urgh time to help myself with lyrics too?I'm jumbling up every single line I'm singing and I don't know why...

Ok cut the crap...I just did a stupid thing..I ter-press my phone and sing through it and you know who is at the other end?Church office.....ARgh....something wrong with me la.....

Laugh la laugh la...Laugh all you want....I don't care blek....

But am still nervous....bye....

Oh and something happened last night...Last Goodbye~~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Random post exam post

But the result is not out yet...How lar????
Anyway this post exam feeling is kinda weird to me altogether.
I've no inspiration to blog and garh!!!!
Oh wait! I sensed something coming up!!!Eureeeka!!!I shall blog about my form 6 life!
This is me and the two rule breakers...Yu Ting and Hui Ling!I shall not mention the past crime that both of them did but yea..I think they remember too...With our PA teacher, Pn. Noorasyikin...Me, Hui Ling, Raja and Yu Ting...U6S1 of 2007...erm we have an alien in this candid shot..Kee Peng lar....ish!!Mess up time..gosh because of this picture, I earned a scar on my knee...Yeap see the crazyness??Trust me this is not the full madnes that we can create! LOL
We just love the camera!
From the background I think this was taken when we were having our random lunch after class at A&W..usual thing for Yu Ting and Hui Ling..waffle time and to all of us..crap time an gila time!Jessie and Jessica...LOL my junior prefect in prefectorial board 06/07...Took this after our step down ceremony...We love the camera too!
Prefect's camp in Fraser's...Gosh it was superbly fun!!!Prefectorial board of 06/07 step down ceremony!!YAY..off duty as head prefect means can mess around right?LOL more on nearer to STPM stress lor!KDU trip...Chongxian doing babi face behind while everyone just...picture perfect!
David the LALA-zai legend!Chiddy the joker! Now, David has dissapear to Nottingham and Satchid has proceeded to IMU...When they come together,gilaness supernova happen wei! *ahem* we made lots of videos of David's lala footages...Raja's Hari Raya open house in 2006Bio class rat dissection....Raja and her rat plus Shiau and Chid

Me and my half dissected rat!After last paper of STPM...Prom @ Graduation dinner... LOL...
Anyway I miss those days that we had together,all the fun and laughter.Even though we can never turn back time but you people has painted a part in my life!
Thanks to all of you and friendship forever!Love you people loads!
Picture stolen from everywhere and sorry for the different sizes and all can't edit!Sorry...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rambling from 3 days before exam

Beautiful morning peeps...
Was listening to some old songs and found this favourite song of mine...

Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just dont question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
And there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than
A little crazy but I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I found my way home
I know that it might sound more than
A little crazy but I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I found you

Nice song eh?Anyway I know I emo-ed and thank God I've emo-ed enough(LOL after watching almost the whole DVD of TVB drama 15 episodes=15 hrs wasted..it's time for me to salvage time to read as much as I could..I need a pass now for my exam like seriously) But anyway thanks to those who were there to listen to me, Kenneth and Wai Loo I owe you guys one.Oh wait before you peeps think I'm really over him, nope honestly I'm not!But since I choose to wait, I shall wait..not like I never tried before, last time 6 years...now not even one year!LOL!XD roll all the eyes you people want lar....
Oh yea, title of the above song?
I knew I loved You by savage garden

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I dunno what to say...I'm suppose to be studying...Jessie Chia u think u very free meh?Think so much of other stuff?exam coming..think exam..delete others...or so I thought I could...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Can Relate To Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

Woot another movie coming right up!
Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past staring Matthew McConaughey as Connor Mead, and Jennifer Garner as, Jenny...

Anyway, I know of someone who actually date a few girls at one go.Surprisingly I still can't figured out why those girls were so attracted to him.Well to me, his looks?So so only...His character?Quite a joker and of course he has that "oily mouth" that he usually sweet talks well enough.
I asked him why did he do that and the reason given to me was: "I have more choices to choose from mar!"
I said to myself: "My foot la...all excuses...playboy means playboy la!"
But I said to him: "Hello?Don't you think you are kinda cruel doing that?"
He said to me: "You wanna join the fun izit?Jealous izit?"
I replied: "In your dreams la..."
He said: "You don't care bout me lar..."
Me: *roll eyes and prays to God: pls help this guy*
After that we did not contact each other for quite awhile until one day he rang me up...
On the phone,
He said: "Eh you free ah?"
I said: "Not really ah.Why?"
He said: "I got something important to ask you lar...can come out yumcha ah?"
I said: "huh?aiya ok la...ok la..."

To cut the long story short, he dated someone who is so happened to be my friend and he asked me for all her dislikes and likes.I got quite pissed at first and I warned him to not to "toy" around with my friend and I stomped away saying: "If you really like her then go find out yourself cause it's no point for me telling you and you'll be very sorry if you break her heart as I'll be the first to "murder" you!" Then around 3 months later, I found out that they were going out and they were in a serious relationship and it is still going on up til today!And I thank God that he is in a serious relationship now!
Oh recently I found out that what made him turned away from "toy-ing" around with multiple girls at one go, he almost made one of them committed suicide and hence he learnt his lesson in a kinda hard way!Oh well at least that girl didn't succeed in taking away her own life and really turn into a ghost to haunt him.
There you go!I related it to the show with a real experience of someone I know of (nope!no name will be revealed!)

Okie back to study and can I have the invitation to the screening please?LOL

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pre Battle #5 : Just a song I love a lot!

Pray For The Nation-by True Worshippers

I pray for the people
I pray for the nation
For us to bow before You
And humble ourselves and pray
You hear our prayer from Heaven
You heal our land today
You turn our hearts from all the wicked ways
I kneel right now before You
I lift my hands towards the heaven
I pray
Yes I pray
For Your mercy and grace over us.

You're seated on the highest throne
You're lifted up above all things
Exalted and adored
I worship You in awe
Be glorified and magnified

There's now no more condemnation
Over this land no more
There's now no more , no more curses
Over our lives, over our family over our church
We humble ourselves and pray
(You hear our prayer from heaven)
We turn from our wicked ways
(You heal our land today)
Just got back almost an hour ago from Goshen 1 cell and we were sharing about the 1st Beatitudes of "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".
Being poor in spirit means we are going to be poor (deficient, destitute, in debt) spiritually and we are not going to have the attitude of thinking we have it all and we do not need anymore from God.In another words we should always not have the pride in us but we must humble ourselves before God.To have more of God and less of ourselves.
It became even more meaningful when I listen to this song...
One question after listening to the song:
How many of us actually pray for the nation?
I shall leave the question to all of you to answer while I head back to my books..

Pictures: I shot this awhile ago