Friday, November 28, 2008

Form 6 Science 1 mini gathering

Went out whole day for 10 hours to 1Utama...sigh!I broke my heels in the process too.But the worse part was I didn't know my heels were like squeaking whenever I walked, as if I'm wearing those kids' shoe that will squeak for each and every step they walked...
Anyway that was just a minor part, the MAJOR part was I'm so HAPPY!!! Because I get to meet up with my form 6 classmates...Haven't seen all of them after prom, especially Vitya, Yee Han and also Jiaqi...
Jiaqi picked me up at my place at around 10.39, so paiseh cause I haven't get ready when she reached...I over-slept again,what else?
We had lunch in BBQ Plaza...Shiau and Chong... *yer what's with the mm-song face?*Chong and Qi... *jor....Chong ah!!!!!Qi so nice in the picture, you picture spoiler lar*A much better picture after so many takes...Shiau and Qi... *Shiau wasn't well when he come out to meet us today...hope you get well soon!!*Looks shiny and sparkling clean right?Scroll down to see what happen to this in the later pictures...Chong and VityaOur food....There's pork,squid,fish,chicken,prawns and all meat and vege lar...Still raw and yet to be BBQ-ed6 "piranhas" finish up everything on the plate..the cabbage left behind are for other purposes and it shall be revealed very soon.The hot plate or whatever you called it was blackened by me!How do you blackened the hot plate?
Rule number 1: Dip whatever you intend to cook into the sauce before you put on the hot plate and wait for it to cook and enjoy the aroma..There is a story behind that expression of hers
Smiley making time:Told you that the remaining cabbage had other purposes.... One straw with 2 ends or just my camera with light refrection?Next Ice cream session at Baskin Robbins!!What's your flavour?Group picture.... *thanks to Tysern for the effort...haha we purposely call him to come over to help us snap this picture..*
Next up, can you guess what we did?Yeap...K-session in Neway 1uMe and Yee Han on the mic Me and Jiaqi on the micCandid shot of me singing?!
This is me.....LOL
Before lunch, we were attracted to the Latin dancing performance...Was just in time to watch the last one before they wrap up and call it a day.Cool moves huh?Scroll down for cooler ones...

They really manage to make me feel more interested in learning Latin dancing...too bad I've no time =(
Later I wrapped up theday by having dinner at Simply Penang at 1 Utama...Food is not bad though....Should go there and try...Rojak anybody?Crab fried rice..Looks can be deceiving..It didn't look so good but it TASTE GOOD!
Oh thank you Chong for the ice cream and thank you those who keep me in prayers...I pass my 1st sem exam...God is great because believe it or not, I use 3 days to study compare to 2 weeks...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I got quarantine for two weeks to study for my end semester.Next I got quarantine for all together 6 hours in uni for exams and then I got quarantine in the PBL room to wait for everybody to be present for OSPE...Later I got quarantine in Secret Recipe for a yummylicious Black Forest Cake..Then we were quarantine for almost 1 hour deciding whether to sing karaoke or to catch a movie and in the end 7 of us end up in Mid Valley GSC cinema getting quarantine for 106minutes...

Oh did I manage to annoy you people with frequent usage of the word "quarantine" that was use in the last paragraph...Didn't mean it but oh well...

If you are seriously in need of a mild exercise for your heart do attempt to watch "QUARANTINE"...
Movie poster...
The actor and actress (just to name a few) in this movie are:
Jennifer Carpenter as Angela Vidal
Steve Harris as Scott Percival
Jay Hernandez as Jake
Johnathon Schaech as George Fletcher
and etc.... (go watch the movie and maybe name all of them yourself?haha =P)
Angela (Jennifer Carpenter) started out the movie as a television reporter on the show called Night Shift together with her cameraman Scott( Steve Harris) in the Los Angeles Fire Station.The movie goes on with her reviewing the life as a fireman and what they actually do during their night shift until they got a 911 call that takes them to an old apartment.Police officers were there in response to a scream on a particular unit in the apartment.They soon found out that an old lady named Mrs Espinosa was infected with a kind of disease that causes her to be having high degree of photosensitivity and worse of all she bit one of the police officer in the neck like a zombie.After a few more getting attacked, they try to escape from the building but they found out that there is no way out as the CDC has quarantined the apartment and the people in there were absolutely cut-off from the outside as phones,TV, radio, internet and etc were all disconnected..I have no idea whether they are doctors or assasinators when I first saw them...LOL...

In the movie they have a lot of running, screaming, shouting at each other and more biting, attacking, killing and more running again, screaming again.....Jake the fireman..His hot! I think I wasn't scared when he got bitten so suddenly, but I guess I just thought that he was the hero of the show and shouldn't he come out alive and save the world and get happily ever after with Angela?So he shouldn't die... ( okay..I'm dreaming again)The vet found out the thing that infected everybody in the building...According to the vet, the signs are fever, salivation, delirium, hallucination and they cannot find the pathogenesis by doing blood test but only with CSF (Cerebralspinal fluid) test.There is no cure for it and the manifestations supposedly will take place after 1 month but somehow it's the mutated version in this case as it took minutes...Any guesses on what they got infected with?

If you ask me to rate this movie?I'll give it 5 from a scale from 1 to 1o..It didn't really scare me at all.I was only amazed by how Scott killed a rat by stepping on it and totally flattened it, gosh I got a hard time dissecting the skull of the rat during form 6 bio class and here we have somebody who can stomped it to pancake?And mind you, it's an adult rat not the squishy-looking baby rat.

So while you are watching the movie,

Look around you,
Beware!Cause you are unexpectedly facing...Be scared..Because they BITE!!!Next up will be a short update on Nicky's birthday and maybe tomorrow's 1u gathering with my form 6 classmates...yayness!