Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The not so camera friendly me

Mee Lin's farewell at Little Penang Cafe at the Curve...Enjoy the pictures....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm getting all freaked and scared by a music video...I can't believe myself!I mean I'm the type who so love to watch horror flicks and all because plainly I just like to see people getting freaked during the shows...Try it yourself (tip #1 sit at the backrow in a cinema for a premiering horror movie...tip#2 observe human reactions during sudden or horror scenes...tip#3 laugh about it!...tip#4 suddenly disturb friend/s sitting next to me) Oh coming back to the music video..its title is SILLY LILY by BUNK FACE from BF records and no I'm not posting the music video up here...I think it's because they make it so ugly and horrible for the effects that they gross me out throughout the whole thing.Besides that, I never bother to listen to the lyrics because I was too distracted by talking vegetables, singing hamburgers and drum playing fries which are totally a disaster for my eyes...Oh yea on top of that they "cut-and-paste" (or whatever technical term or word for it) a real life human mouth that belongs to someone on the hamburger and I remembered clearly when they have a close up on that mouth, I saw yellow teeth and some cavities with amalgam fillers....Totally G-R-O-S-S!Can't they find someone with perfect teeth?!
WTH?!I saw that music video before I typed this and while spell-checking,it was played again!I so feel like complaining to Hitz.Tv to stop repeating it like as if it has won some music awards! I hope this isn't a song that my new song writer friend has a part to play in the music production!

On another note all the best to Mee Lin who will be leaving Malaysia to the land of kangaroos and koalas on the 29th!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Stupid flu

I hate it when I get a flu!!! And I so need a phlegm-sucking vacuum to suck out icky, gooey, sticky, greeney or whatever and however you intend to describe phlegm...
Oh can I just forget about chocolates and candies for once...
Pik Yuen #1 : Maybe one bar of chocolate won't hurt.
Pik Yuen #2 : No get away from it...
Pik Yuen #1 : *grabs chocolate bar from the fridge*
Pik Yuen #2 : Let it go and close the bloody fridge door, would ya?
Pik Yuen #1 : Argh fine! *slams fridge door*

Urgh!This flu is giving me split personalities...Darn it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random blogging for the day

  • Results are coming out soon...very soon! *wipes sweat* Honestly I did not perform as well as I should, especially for Chem2 (thanks to the migraine I had on that day..I barely can concentrate studying the morning before it) Argh!No point sighing about it now! All I can do is to pray more so that miracles could happen!
  • Hmm..I just splattered a mosquitoe..Super irritating!Finish sucking my blood on my left leg, it target my right leg...There "you" go!Splattered on the floor with two legs de-tached from "your" thorax! *takes tissue and wipe*
  • Ah I found Alan Luo Zhi Xiang's blog! *points link on sidebar* If you don't know who on earth is he, just click on the link and find out..If you're too lazy to do that then it's fine with me also. Next mission is to find Wang Leehom's blog (if he has any, that is)
  • Just realise I practise singing all this while during holiday since I have nothing to do.And I have this crazy idea to participate in Astro Talent Quest for audition...If only I have the guts,I probably will go! Believe or not,I dreamt to be a singer for part time apart from being a doctor.
  • My hamster needs a new cage!I'm sick of them fighting so I separated them and placed 1 of them in another plastic tank.Hmm..talking about my hamsters,they are cute but they BITE!
  • Easter is coming and I'll be quite busy with the rehearsal for a simple show in SIBKL starting this weekend...