Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ice skating at Sunway Pyramid

From left: Meng Soon,Richard,Shu Lin, me and Reny

Before skating: me and Shu Lin

I went for my second time of ice skating last friday!Whee....I'm still not a pro skater yet....At least I improve a lil' since the last time I skate....Reny picked me up from my house after his class and both of us reach Sunway Pyramid at 11am and the ice skating rink was almost empty...Then when Shu Lin arrived, we went to Kim Gary to eat lunch and I must thank Shu Lin for spending us RM30+ for the lunch...(I've always wanted to eat at Kim Gary since like last time so at least now I did) Then we went shopping for New Year cards for Shu Lin...After everything was done and still no sign of Richard and Meng Soon,we decided to start skating first.Wearing the skates is enough to cause us to sweat....We must tighten it until we barely can move my toes....=.="" I started by holding the sides and I must thank Reny who was behind me all the while because he scared I fall..Then not long after we started skating, Meng Soon and Richard arrived....Yay!! Meng Soon was the best skater among all of us so he became the "sifu" of the day to everyone and particularly me (hehe..because most of his time he was holding me to skate and we even went to the middle because the sides of the rink was packed) Then Richard also taught me....Oooh Shu Lin learnt how to go backway...She's not so good at going forward yet but she learnt how to go backward..swt rite? But anyway I have to say I had great fun andI'm waiting for the upcoming paintball game....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

An entry for you to remember

I rememeber how we met in SMDU.I was minding my own business playing ping pong with my friend and suddenly you appeared and you ask us can you join in.Since we were some ping pong noobs,we did not hesitate to say yes you may; for we thought you knew how to play but it was the otherwise...I remember how you always come to school really early and how we sit down and talk in the canteen until school starts...That was my memory of you in Form 1 and 2.
We join Taekwondo WTF with you as a GREEN belt and me a WHITE belt.This means that you're my senior...After much of taking grading test,I climbed up from white to green2 and it also means I'm in par with you.And then after much of you ponteng Taekwondo class and grading test,I've became your senior...Blue belt...and that's also a starting of me,you and Kok Foo's chaotic friendship...
We sail through Form 4 and 5 by having "unofficial gathering" everyday before assembly starts and also during recess...Same old members in the group and same of dissing I get everyday from Kok Foo,Kien Hin and Reny. =.="
I still remember how Reny always pull your hair and you keep complaining how bad and all is he and in return I too complain about him since he always step on my shoe and trying to dirty it...Kien Hin and Kok Foo always risk bringing their handphone and at the same time we'll always play with their phone...Fridays were fun because we get to go 1u after school and had lunch before my tuition by Kien Hin's car and because we were ever being so noisy,most of the people from the shops in 1u actually recognised us.To tell you all the truth,you guys were the first group I ever go out with and ever since we always go out...Apart from that,I guess Dreamworld and the Game Arcade earns a big buck from all of us...We took plenty of sticker photos to commemorate our gathering almost everytime we went out and as for arcade,the dancing-machine is always the must-play machine among all...
Kok Foo and you always celebrate birthday at Shakey's pizza and I really don't understand why up until today and we even took plenty of pictures and they are mostly with you.We went to prom at PJ Hilton together and we went gila altogether during dance floor session...I guess we really "syok sendiri" all the while during that prom.
We graduated from Form 5 and we were so not willing to part from each other until some of us even cried during graduation ceremony.Even though we have to sit for SPM but we were not stress up as we automatically de-stress ourselves through jokes and craps which if ever SPM have this subject on talking crap I guess we'll excel with flying colours.
However,we parted after Form 5 and moved on with our lifes as you went to Taylors for SAM,I went to SMKSAS for Form 6 and Kok Foo went to UTAR for Foundation course.We actually did not talk for quite awhile if you notice and I'm sorry for not making the intiative to call as I was busy and same goes to everybody.
You had gathering at your place but I did not turn up for the first one as I was down with fever.But thank God,I went to the previous one on the 2nd of January 2008 and we have painted another part of the memories that we shared.
We have plenty of memories being together until I don't think I can fit typing everything into this blog post in precision but the above are just 10% of the overall.Other pieces of memories we shared puts together to form a big picture of you and me and the others...
We shared so many ups-and-downs together and this frienship has lasted for 7years and 1 month...We've grown from merely just-a-hi-bye friends to a close 'family-like' friends.In less than a month,you'll be leaving to Australia until God knows when and I may be going to Russia..In other words,we're parting again and this time we part with a greater distance geographically...We could no longer go movies and gatherings together and I guess I'll miss you guys deeply...However,I just want you to know that no matter where we are...Just remember each other and treasure those memories that we'd captured in our hearts...Whenever we miss each other,just stop and close your eyes and imagine each others' image as if we were in front of you...because that is just what I'll do..
Shu Lin will be the name of the person of whom I want to dedicate this post to...Apart from that,I just want to thank you so much for being such a great and fantastic friend and I hope you'll not forget us!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I'm uncertain on a lot of things....I don't know what are the outcomes and I can't predict the future or maybe I don't dare to do so.Maybe I'll just let it be,let time to tell me...So should I wait?Or should I give myself a shot to the other options?God!I need answer from You!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A post for someone

Thanks for making my day,
I hope you had fun anyway,
Unfortunately for today,
You don't look too gay,
Opps!I'm not suppose to say,
But hey,
I didn't type out your name anyway,
So don't worry okay?
But if you're coming another day,
Do remember it's Block B not Block A,
I'm looking forward to the next day,
For you to come again and play,
I hope this time will be a holiday,
So that we can continue to play,
Be it swimming or making you a gay,
We shall let time pass midday,
After all it's just making my day,
And I hope it also lights up your day!
I think I ran out of things to say,
Cause typing this is difficult wei!
I shall remember the ride in the parking bay,
Next time bring me to a longer way!
In somehow another way,
I hope this memory stay,
For amusement on another one fine day,
Have fun in your work today,
In order to worth your pay,
I hope your sore throat will go away,
So that you won't bray!
Make sure you appreciate this today,
If not,I'll kick you to Uruguay,
Or maybe to Paraguay...
That's all for today!
All I gonna say,
This entry is dedicated to u okay?

p/s: If you peeps don't understand this entry it's okay!Cause it is for the people involved only!Unless "you" go spread around on what happenned..Teehee!Thank "you" anyway!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I want something to be true

There's something I want it to be true...
Everytime when I look at it,
I always wish that it's true,
I don't want it to be just a dream,
or an illusion,
I want it to be true,
Not a joke,
But a fact,
Not a lie,
But a truth,
Deep inside me I'm wishing it was true,
When I look upon the skies of New Year's Day,
I wish that the fireworks are shooting stars,
Cause I want to wish that it was true,
Maybe I should erase it,
But I don't want to,
Make it true,
I just want to make it true,
Cause I want it to be true...
Do you hear me,
I want it to be true...
Just true