Sunday, October 10, 2010

EOP in 2 days!!!! *screams*

Ironic to be here huh? Tell me: I'm supposed to be studying...I'm supposed to be studying 3 hours because am a medical student....bahhhhhh~~~ whatever!!! I choose to play the stubborn card now....=P
Sigh having said that...I STILL need to mug more....Can't seem to get things into the structure beneath the cranium and meninges.What was that structure again??Whatever lar...*roll eyes*
Practice for year end musical is happening soon...but booo~~ I can't be involved =( Looks like this year I'm gotta play the audience role instead of the crew role ever since I join SIBKL....
Anyway was feeling awesome coz I'm back in the worship team again...but...not back in SIBKL obviously but in AJPC!!! I was really having a heavy heart when I got to leave Atone SIBKL last time before coming to KT, but I guess God place us in different place and different time for a higher purpose.*With awesome Media people of SIBKL**Breathtaking album recording* I miss the season, I miss the fun and I miss this stage!

Hoping to see an awesome show when am back in KL for Christmas!!! Lots to catch up with all the peeps in KL....Did I miss KL??? yes and no....Haih sometimes I realise I'm really an indecisive person...Yea..yea...yea..yea the undecisive me...saying toodles and back to the castle of books...for the mean time....Awaiting lots of fun after EOP perhaps??? =P