Friday, January 30, 2009

Medic CG outing

As is the post from the sneak peak!This is a super long post and hence I will leave this for a little while longer before next update...ANYWAY, do comment on the pictures please...All your comments are highly appreciated and thanked by me =)*What is everybody looking at?**It's at Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Shah Alam*
Yeap we went for our CG outing at Taman Pertanian M'sia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam at Shah Alam on a bright beautiful Saturday morning....Who went?
Seniors: Justin, Akita, Ee Wei, Richard and Chee Hang
Juniors: Me, Yoke Poh, Wai Loo and Ji Yin
Others: Jennifer (Akita or Ee Wei's room mate)
*Entrance fee is RM3 only...very very affordable!*
*Wheels!!And lots of them*
*Bicycles for rent...The rental for the newer bicycles are RM5 and the older ones are RM3 for the whole day...Totally worth it!*
*My bicycle model...Jessica Hong Yoke Poh! woot~ <3*Obviously everybody left me walking, clearly because I don't know how to cycle...They don't have the bicycle with supporting wheels behind for rent so yea I'm left with walking and hence the sign says "No Bike Riding" clearly applies to me! =(*See the places I want to go and the amount of kilometers I have to walk?*
Thank God for Akita, Ee Wei and Jennifer to accompany me...Though I'm always the one causing all the delay to them.....taking pictures mar........*Beautiful and serene place right? Good place for people who loves the outdoors and picture taking!* *We went to Taman Haiwan**And we saw haiwan (animals) of course...Not a lot but at least there ARE animals around instead of empty cages* White turkey and black chicken behind it!*Ee Wei standing far~~~far~~~~ away from the turkey cage**Jennifer, Ee Wei and Akita**I just like this stairway and the cover over it....and I don't know why**Then we saw this hanging bridge and I was like yipeeee!Wonder why I like hanging bridges so much again**Me likey this shot!* *Took this while alone on the hanging bridge...*
After that we went to see peacocks!Erm wait should be I went to see peacocks.The cage was elevated from the ground and I have to climb up a few flights of slippery stairs before I get to meet them.*Yo wassup peacock?*
Actually I waited for this "dude" to open up its tail so that I can take one nice shot, however...this "dude" almost pecked my lens off...See how this "dude" is pecking the wires of the cage...*Erm some attempted noob shot**Another noob shot attempt**And another...**No idea what species of bird this is**Blue birdie* *As we continue to walk, I took plenty shots of random pictures...*
*I'm taking a picture of my shadow which is also trying to take a picture of me....(get it?) LOL!**I heart my shades <3>
*Random shot again and I like this too**I heart this shot too...omg I heart so many shots of mine already*This place is -2 to -7 degrees Celcius and am not joking...This is the 4 seasons house where they will exhibit 4 different seasons by rotating 3 months for each...Entrance fees is Rm3 I think...and you cannot go in again once you leave the season house, so be sure to make your money worth it.
*Attempted shot in ice house**Igloo in Shah Alam**See I told you is cold in the 4 season house*
Next, we went for a short walk before we board the free bus to go back to the main entrance and wait for all the others...*And me being me...Will definitely continue taking pictures**Upwards shot of coconut trees....*
*We took the free bus ride for approximately 6 times rounding the same places**I like this shot too though I think is a little too bright while adjusting the brightness**Fountain before the Taman Padi*

*I took this while standing on a pile of rubbish**Bird nest fern?**The roots of the tree looks weird....*Just me, myself and I who wants to thank God for all His wonderful creations that inspires me...and also thank you readers who spend time reading this looooooong post...Finally this post is done!!!!Yayness~

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY Post & A Sneak Peek Of The Upcoming Post!

My upcoming post....
*What's behind the rusted/tainted wires?**Lost?Where are we heading to?*
Stay tuned for the upcoming post....haha I hope I won't take that long to update it due to my busy-ness...
Happy Chinese New Year everybody!!! May God bless you and your family for the whole year and the years yet to come!
p/s: *hints*any ang pow for me? *hints*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just random shots

Had a busy week...wait!I think I always have busy weeks unless during sem breaks..
Anyway just a few random shots that I took with my Nikon L16 (yes I'm still waiting for my DSLR...but I doubt it's going to be anytime soon judging from my almost zero dollar/ringgit bank account)However I don't mind sponsors for that, so sponsor me anybody?
*Is this rose or carnation?Neah I think they are neither....Anybody can tell me?**And what flower is this?Ball flower?**I know this!!!Orchid mar....See so smart! =P*

Just feel free to comment about the pictures yea?All encouragements and criticism and insults and whatever are all welcome!Thanks~~~
And CNY is next week!!!~~~WOOT~~~~