Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have nothing better to do than this at 3am

Yes it's 3am and I feel like posting pictures!and the next one!*A close up shot on hot to me!**Volcano eruption with a full moon*
And I really salute all the photographers!Such nice pictures! and I'm envious!
Oh link to the pictures
Back to my studies!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm so proud of my height!

I'm so proud being short..Well not really that short but enough to save myself from a blow on my head just now in the LRT...
Anyway it must be God's protection over me that save my scalp from a few laceration marks or bruises...
I was happily listening to songs on my handphone while standing in front of the door and suddenly I felt something odd just happened..At a split moment I thought the door opened while the train was moving but it wasn't the door.So when I looked up....OMGOSH! The whole panel just missed my head for a few centimeters,probably around 5cm?And it's like swaying back and forth as the train moved...Scary but yea thank God that I'm saved and protected by Him!
*Not a good shot but yea notice the shadow on the door- the whole panel was hanging there!*
*Relatively I took the shot of this guy and the hanging panel-compare the height of the door and the height of the guy.*
Oh that guy in the second picture was probably around 165cm? Just a rough estimation...

Random again at 4am in the morning

Yes it's 4am in the morning and nope I'm not suppose to be sleeping because I woke up at 3am in the morning without the help of alarm clock.Don't even bother counting the hours that I need for sleeping...

Mixing cordial drinks at 4am in the morning isn't a brilliant idea...I can't tell whether it is too sour or too sweet or tasteless! OMGOSH! So frustrating! Oh just in case you're wondering what drink am I mixing, it's orange juice....

Kenneth and gang went to watch Harry Potter! And I stayed at home =(
And oh someone just entertain me with Happy Potter..Don't know what is that but I know it's produced, directed and acted by the person who mentioned that..wuahahahaha!

Another visit this to Blood! and I don't even know where is Blood Bank to begin with.But who free bus ride wert...haha!

Ok am just being too random!What can I do coz it's 4am...LOL

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is going to be short

I'm not in the mood...
I don't want to hear that anymore...
So FAKE of you...
I just wonder how long I can stand it?
*A foot and a window= I wonder how long more before I kick you out of the window*
Fine I know am not able to do that..Just thought of posting the pic that's all...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

SRJK(C) Yuk Chai of Standard 6H (2000) Reunited Partially

Yes from the title itself says it all, it's been 9 years ever since I see some of them....I know this post should be up last weekend after the gathering itself but yea blame it on the busy-ness again =P
Now let's just get the pictures do most of the talking or perhaps blogging...lazy to type so much lar.....Have to study in awhile....*My class photo in the year 2000 and yes I was 12 so spot me*
I have no difficulties recognising them, a good sign for my memory!yayness~~
AND AND AND all of them that were present that day remember me too!double yayness~~
So yea we were there for almost 2 hours talking and asking each other about recent stuff and also trying to recall all the things that we did in standard 6 9 years ago... suddenly I felt old-ish*Me, Von Yi and Jia Yin**Zhen Yuan and Jian Jun-both engineers-to-be**Jing Ying-thanks to her for the gathering, she took the effort to organise everything**Lots and lots of talking and catching up**Li Ping, Ka Men, Me, Xian Mei and Sue Hsia**All the guys that were there that day- yes 3 guys only**Huey Chyi (class monitor), Ai Ling, Debbie, Me and Jason**Very brave of me to take a so close up shot with minimal photo editing been done..LOL*

*Random Shot- why? because I like the wallpaper**LOL The 2 good buddies of mine in primary school..Now Deb is going to be a nutritionist and and Jia Yin is going to be a vet*
Oh well that's all for now...Though not everybody turned up for the reunion but after the reunion most of us are reunited through Facebook..THE POWER OF FACEBOOK perhaps