Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Somewhere in me!!

Short update for tonight.
I wanted to study a little bit for some brain activation job but I just realise I can't concentrate on my books as I'm so sleepy...(haha I spent the whole day watching DVD of TVB drama again....)Anyway I just made myself a hot cup of coffee and that reminds me of you again.....
The cup of coffee right before my laptop now reminded me of the coffee that you made for me on a Sunday morning....Both are in a white cup....Funny how you did not stir the coffee and I did not realised until I drank half of the cup....
It's called sweet-tasteless coffee I presume.....
About you...
It's just somewhere in me..
Somewhere wishing you to know and somewhere wishing for a return even though I'm uncertain of the return or respond that you'll give me.....
Part of me I'm scared of getting outcomes that I don't want and part of me I'm excited to know...
I'm still looking at the white cup of coffee in front of me

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Atone Retreat @ Malacca

Just got back from the 2D1N Atone retreat camp and I'm obviously waiting for the pictures....But I just want to thank Celine je je and her team of committee member's hardwork and commitment to make this retreat a success and an enjoyable one...Really did enjoyed it...hehe actually I wish it was longer but if it's longer then more work and planning have to be done right?Anyway thanks for all the efforts!!! Love you people.......and the VIP to thank is of course God!!! It is by Him the whole retreat went well and we truly felt His presence especially during praise and worship....truly we just wanna worship Him for what He has given us that we sinners do not even deserve.....So I just wanna thank the Lord for everything that by His plan and His will that it is made happen..........

On the another note, I actually wanted to say something I'm not courageous enough to someone.The scenario is I don't know what are you thinking about and by making first move I scared that I'll ruined everything and we will have nothing to say at all as I don't do the first move action unless I like the person a lot.....So I seek Him and for His guidance, but am still waiting for His answers to this prayer that I have place forward...If you are reading this and you have a slight idea that it is you I'm referring to, Praise God for that and please don't be ignorant...Through so much of things I have typed, I think it is sort of me doing first move in disguise, don't you think? Thank God for blogs...really!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Now I'm,
having headache (cried to much for a show just now)......
waiting for your reply....(why la you never reply me???make me wait again ah?you got past record of making me wait ad....don't do it again la pleeassseee?)

Tomorrow I''ll be,
having lecture and dreaded FA 6.....hence I have to burn midnight oil again
prepare for totally unprepared PBL....argh......

Saturday and Sunday I'll be,
in Malacca!!!!!

Still having headache now!!!!!I need Sprite!!!!100 plus works gua?????or you reply my message lor....at least gimme lesser headache gua?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Many thanks to those who has wished me all the birthday wishes!The below are the dear people whom I want to thank for their wishes and blessings:
1) Mum and dad
2) Ps Chandran
3) Jiaqi
4) Hui Ling
5) Meng Li
6) Chongxian (chongie girl)
7) Wen Yi
8) Richard/Wei Nerng
9) Lee Keng
10) Francine
11) Nicholas Choi
12) Ray Mun
13) Winnie
14) Kenneth ( cockroach boy)
15) Akita
16) Wai Leng
17) Debbie Thong
18) Yee San
19) Harikumar
20) Celine Lim
21) Celine Wong (my leng lui je je)
22) Kit Yan ( kit kit)
23) Darryl
24) Joanne Ho
25) Jo Anne
26) Mei Kuen
27) Mee Lin ( my boss)
28) Bob Lay (bublay)
29) Christine Chin
30) Jayde
31) Hiu Mun
32) Jou Ling
33) Alvin Lim
34) Kok Foo /Ryan (lion =P)
35) Yeat Teng
36) Joel
37) Wenli
38) Cindee
39) Satchid (naughty grandpa)
40) Jason Lee
41) Jian Sheng (cicak)
42) YC
43) Tze Teng
44)Tik Tsin (Ah pek)

If I left out anyone..sorry ah...I didn't intend to but I tried my best to type in everybody's name....so shouldn't left out anybody.....Oh yea one most important one I have to thank is God!!!Thank God I'm still alive and well and that He has bless me with so many blessings so that I could be a blessing to the others...
Hmm...talking about birthday wishes, let's see what I want......
I want to be happy
I want to graduate at the end of 5 years to be a doctor
I want to serve the Lord with all my heart
I want to find someone

Another 2hours and 45 mins more my birthday would be over....Actually I was waiting for someone's message all day long but clearly he has forgotten or maybe he don't even know what day it is today.....dissapointed?yes...I even thought of going for a dinner with him and all...sigh =( but anyway all the above mentioned people that I want to thank really made me feel that I'm not alone...so thank you so much to all of you...your wishes and blessings are deeply appreciated and remembered *muax* and *hugz*

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thank you my friends in M-lane

Thank you so much for the surprise birthday cake and celebration...Even though my birthday is not today but next wednesday but thaks anyway.....FA4 was crap and I know I screwed it again but anyway it's Pharmacology so yea Jess Chia is no expert in Pharmaco and heck the behavioural science questions did not come out at all....and that is like the scoring part....Anyway cut the crap, FA4 is over, so snap out of it and move on with my life....It's Kenneth's birthday today so Happy Birthday my Cockroach Boy!!!!!!!!!!!AND....and...and it's Justin Chan's birthday too....so Happy Birthday Justin gor gor!!!!!!Happy Birthday in advance to Kavitha too....

Okie some pictures stolen from everywhere....
Birthday cake

Clearly Kenneth killed the cake...swt
Kavitha, Kenneth and me cutting the cake
Kavitha, me and Kenneth posing with our cake
Mr Foo and Kavitha....rumoured couple in class...wakakakkaka Francine and Kenneth

Kenneth and Wen Yi....Big big thanks to Wen Yi for buying us the cake...love yea!!Cockroach boy and meSome of the random pictures in class.....Lai acting like errrrrrr.......
Anyway thanks for the celebration once again!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stop and praise Him

In the midst of my busyness and the hectic life in the M-line...I often overlook a lot of things, for example the greatness and the beauty of my surroundings....My mind is so saturated with Formative Assessments and PBL topics and also some useless thoughts of someone until I often do not stop and appreciate His creations..BUT today since I'm unable to go to college due to some crappy stomach cramp, I got the chance to see the rising of the sun and the beautiful shapes of the clouds out from my window...it makes me thought of His mighty creations and the creativity of God's art (flashback from a recent email that I received about God's art)...
While typing this, I want to share a song with all of you....

Dsus Em7 C2
Lord of all creation
Dsus Em7 C2
Of water, earth, and sky
Dsus Em7 C2
The heavens are Your tabernacle
Dsus Em7 C2
Glory to the Lord on High
Chorus 1
G Dsus D
God of wonders, beyond our galaxy
Am7 C
You are holy, holy
G Dsus D
The universe declares Your majesty
Am7 C
You are holy, holy
Lord of heaven and earth (2X)

Verse 2:
Early in the morning
I will celebrate the light
And as I stumble through the darkness
I will call Your name by night

Chorus 2
G Dsus D
God of wonders, beyond our galaxy
Am7 C
You are holy, holy
Precious Lord, reveal Your heart to me
Father holy, holy
G Dsus D
The universe declares Your majesty
Am7 C
You are holy, holy
Am7 C
Hallelujah to the Lord of heaven and earth
Dsus Em7 C2
Lord of heaven and earth
Dsus Em7 C2
Lord of heaven and earth

(pictures that I got from the email send to me)
Praise God that I'm in Atone worship team in SIBKL and I got this song sheet from the email send by them...So let's always remember to give thanks for the wonders of His art and creations because all are created by Him and for Him....
It's all about Jesus....AMEN!!!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I got my Streamyx......

I have not come online for so long until my blog is in a coma...anyway here are some pics...

Haha Kenneth is so going to kill me and Winnie man!!!!