Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Post from KT

Hola from KT...I know my blog is kinda deserted ever since I moved to KT..oh wait...I didn't move here that long ago.It's just the 2nd week that am here.However, time passes so slowly or was it faster that I thought am here for quite awhile.

You may be wondering how's the weather here?
It's hot and humid. The air is so dense with water (probably because it's near the sea) that my clothes find it so hard to dry!!!
*In lecture hall camwhoring..LOL*
Met quite a number of lecturers and they are all ok but I sensed that they will expect heck a lot from us!! *shudders with horror* Matters got worse with our non functional brain that has been in a stupor state in terms of medical knowledge for 3 months ever since after Professional exam!! gah~~~ Have lots of catch up on studying to do!!hrmmm~~ which reminds me I shouldn't be lurking around here....hehe...=P
They change the system for us though... but in a nutshell it's gonna be a hectic year ahead with lots of challenges!

On another note, I was challenged today...details are not to be revealed here...but anyway some people just do not know how to live with others or should I say they are using people and wanting things to go their way...Dominance or selfish? I no longer know how to judge but anyway it's not for me to judge.But somehow it just so unfair! Why am I giving in? Why is she not contributing?
Anyway it's enough for her to spoil my day, I really should re-focus and re-gather myself to study...While flipping my book in the midst of pissingly-pissed just now, a bookmark given to me by a friend fell out with a bible verse: " Be strong and courages.Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you (Deut 31:6)
Who would know a bookmark givento me long ago will suddenly find me in a right situation to encourage me!Thanks for the bookmark!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ramb-and-count of 4

It feels just like I wanna see Argentina playing in World Cup Finals of 2010...
That feeling is like...you are so sure but yet so unsure...and I do mean before that...
This ramb-and-count really has something gotten into me...
I'm not making any sense
So if you are reading this and felt the surge of confusion zooming all around you...I'm sorry
You can kindly exit now...
Maybe I should, no, I HAVE to stop!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ramb-and-count of 7

Another one week am leaving...There goes all my holidays.
It's gonna be my last week PM-ing in church this week...
I really don't feel like leaving, but nothing could be changed...
36 months being away from KL,
Away from where I usually hang out, away from home, away from home church

As usual chat with a friend until 3am this morning, me and her really could talk a lot, like seriously A LOT. Imagine of me and her as neighbors, I guess the other people will really issue a court order to stop us from talking and laughing. Given the reason of we pose a threat to world peace by crapping and laughing too much and too unnecessarily.Is like world war of laughter happen to both of us, each representing a continent.Alright alright gotta stop being hyperbolic here.
But people do say that laughter is what makes the world goes round right? I find so much similarities between me and her for eg we could be launched to cloud nine easily when we are at something.... and for this am super certain that she knows what I meant LOL!

Just watched Twilight couple of minutes ago on Astro...Yes yes I know it's my first time watching...So???Anyway at least one wish granted...As much as I want to deny that I don't want to watch Twilight but part of me I guess am waiting for all the right opportunity to catch it on tv right before I leave to live a tv-less life for quite some time.Why said so, because I actually tuned in to watch a show called "Twilight Zone" about a week ago secretly wishing that IT IS the Twilight movie that I've missed during the whole tickets-selling-fastseason at the cinemas.But disappointingly I didn't get my wish granted a week ago.But now it is! yay~~
On another note, I guess I'll be missing the Eclipse that's gonna premier on the 8th July unless I'm into the front seats or watching alone again.Sigh!!

To a note that only I could understand..
I've expected but unexpectedly made appearance and I heard...
Both reality and fantasy
Been thinking: coincidence or arranged?
Incidental or accidental?
I don't know...