Monday, June 30, 2008

Wisha wishy wishes

To God:
Thank You for everything..No words can describe how much things I want to thank You for and how much I love You..

To my friends who are having orientation at their uni:
Have fun you people and don't forget me k?All the best for all of you and work hard towards your future...May the blessings of God fall upon all of you while you people go through whatever that you may face.

To my friends who are still uncertain for when university will start like me:
Stop worrying...Keep praying to God for He is faithful and He will provide You the way...Never give up hope but surrendered all your problems to Him..Be alert of the opportunities that are lying ahead of you that are just happen to be there because for every "just-happen-to-be-there" is truly a divine appointment from Him..

To the one who is first day at work today- Andrew:
All the best to you and work hard...Don't be lazy and don't sleep in the office...Also don't keep looking at or keep taking pictures with leng lui at work =)....Anyway may God bless you with a great start and I pray that you will have a great future ahead of you...
p/s: thursday night how?Dinner/ supper yea?

To the birthday girl- Christine:
Happy birthday to you once again....Have a good one going out tonight!

To those who are reading this:
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope you will keep visiting as I'll try to keep updating..

To my stomach:
Stop growling!

To all:
tata for now...cheerz people and have a great day and a blessed week ahead

picture taken many years ago...2006 I think

Saturday, June 28, 2008

At half past 11

At half past 11pm of a Saturday night,I just wanna say how much I look like as below:

Ok ok..I know I'm waaaaaaaaaayyyy hotter than the greenie above..but am just looking as tired as it is... Coffee anyone?
pic credits: unknown *found this picture from some website*

It's an untitled post

While waiting for your reply,I did this:

And I wish I could tell...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Itallianies lunch@ The Curve

4th of June 2008, 9.00pm :
I was bored so I decided to message Hui Ling and ask her whether she wanna go out or not....
Message from Hui Ling: yea lets go and Shiau,Chong and Yu Ting are invited...

5th of June 2008, 11.30am:
Arrived at The Curve with Hui Ling and Yu Ting...Then walk around and go to pet shop to see animals while arguing about whether a creature we saw was a lobster or a cray fish...
Shiau /Chong called : 'where are you?' Us: 'we reached ad..'
Left the pet shop with "slight" delay (because we were looking at puppies)
Met up and decided to go Itallianies (was Hui Ling's sudden idea)....then we ordered food after flipping the menu long enough to keep the waiter waiting for us to make up our minds..

Tysern joined us much later..wait...the correct one should be he joined us when we are about to leave (joking lar....) but seriously he joined us after we were done eating...but anyway he ordered and we dragged on chit-chatting there....I think we spent like 2-3 hours there?Er...yea we talked that much...swt!Oh not to forget about camwhoring....
Shiau was NOT having his eyes close but somehow.....
Chongxian with his constipated look...
Shiau and Chong with a napkin-made-bra....o-h-k-a-y.....
Guess whose feet are these?Different people, different legs, different shoes and different length of trousers.....

Hui Ling,Yu Ting and me...we were trying different kind of pose and different ways to take the pictures in..........???????

THE TOILET!!!!!! *Saw the cubicles?*

opps this is blur...

Yeap that's us....

A sad news

The news of the farm manager who commit suicide becuase of owing to loan sharks is really disheartening...Okay okay I know some of you don't read newspaper (ahem! you know who you are right?) So the story is about this guy owing loan sharks for about RM90000 and because he can no longer stand the Ah Longs harrasing him for money,he drank some weed killer and died.For goodness sake he has a family to take care of and he is just 31 years old...Can't he find a solution by reporting to the police or to seek somebody who can help him?How could he just leave his family behind just like that?It's already been a big mistake of having that greed of betting football during this Euro fever....but he got things worse by choosing to run away from reality by ending his life and let his family grief about foolish people can get at times...but no matter what,please,of all things DO NOT ATTEMPT SUICIDE.....Think of people who are fighting for their dear lifes....Think of people who care about you...Most importantly,think about God...
Lesson to be learnt
FIRST, don't end your life...
SECOND, don't borrow from Ah Longs becuase not all Ah Longs are like them:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I big time kiamsiap again

Thank you Hui Ling and Yu Ting for teman-ing me for the whole day....I really expressed all out just now but now I feel like kena potong in my wallet.....haha I know...I know my kiamsiap syndrome coming back to life again........but still?I feel like this now:
LOL....anyway stay tune for the post of us having an expensive lunch at Itallianies on the 5th of June at The Curve....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Patience is not a virtue to me at the moment

Waiting...My patience are running dry and I'm having mood sways more than often....Gosh this is really killing me.It's scary to live with uncertainties and I think I know how those patients feel while waiting for organs from donors to keep them alive..We always have hopes for every "tomorrow" but every "tomorrow" always ends by becoming an empty "yesterday". No man can help me but God,and now I really know the true meaning of what is a test and challenge from Him all about..However, I'm just human and so in the midst of worrying and emo-ing of the future....I'm just lost for words...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More pictures of science1 peeps

Our KDU trip pictures...Yu Ting, Hui Ling, Raja, Meng Li and me

(The missing person in our class picture later)Brian and Satchid

Chongxian, Meng Li, Raja and Yu Ting...Yu Ting wasn't sleeping actually.It's just her trying to be asleep and at the same time lowering the chair on Meng Li

Yee Han and Lavania...Don't they look lovely in this picture?

Chongxian ( I really don't know what is wrong with him doing that pose and probably he needs make up that day...XP haha), Kok Joo, me ( I have to admit that I look nice in this picture,don't you think?*cheh perasan*), Jiaqi and Vitya

My beloved classmates of Science 1 2006/2007....To all who does not know my classmates...allow me to introduce from behind: Guo Zhang,Kok Joo,Meng Li,David,Yu Ting,Hui Ling and me...Front row: Lavania,Jiaqi, Yee Han, Vitya, Raja, Satchid, Shiau & Chongxian
Hmm...Brian is not in the picture and I think he got home straight from KDU I think..and where is Hadi?

Situation in the bus

Clockwise: Meng Li, Hui Ling, Yu Ting & Raja

I wonder why are they holding hands

Hmm...I suddenly have the mood to blog about every single one that is in my class...Should I do it? Should I?Alright here it goes....We follow the sequence in the register book ok?

Kok Joo: Smart fella in U6S1...just ask him anything that you don't understand academically and you shall have the answer...His laughter fills the air,so no doubt people can hear him everywhere....He reminds me of being the Digi yellow guy( psst...don't you think so?)WE love to irritate him with the Digi song...A doctor-to-be and I really hope that I can work together with him.

Hui Ling: She is known in many ways..JP calls her Mee Ting(inside joke), I call her sotong...A great friend and she really knows how to show you some unpredictable things in class..for eg: for no apparent reason, she will make some weird sound or actions in the middle of the class...She is another source of laughter for me and I miss those moments of laughter and hanging out together after school...The events are still ongoing for me and her

Pik Yuen: Hmm...I'm me...Was head prefect in my whole Samad life...Can be dangerously provoked either to laugh or to blast ( due to my job)...Gah lazy to describe about let's move on
Shiuan Wei: I mistaken his name as Shivan Wei on the first day I know him...haha..he claims that he looks like a teddy bear and I do agree on that...but I think I agree more on Jiaqi calling him "Fei Shiau".He has a great dream to invent Ah Shiau car and so I hope he will give me discount next time...His outfit colour is either Red, Black or White.A nice friend who likes to call me Ah Pik as loud as possible...swt rite?

Chongxian: He always think he is very macho and cool...haha but I think he needs make up and a pink dress...A cool friend who has both a motorcycle and car license.A poser but still girley.His favourite quote is: Whatever makes you happy la...And he STILL owes me Baskin Robbin's ice cream...haha..After all he is quite smart too and he got himself into Singapore university to do Maths...
YeeHan: She calls herself skinny zombie and up til now I still don't know why...A very sweet person and a very nice friend...She looks innocent but looks can be me, she is not as innocent as she appears to be...Seriously she is more hardworking than I do when we were still in school.She gave me the impression that she is shy towards people that she doesn't know and probably I was wrong...A potentially good girlfriend to be to the lucky ones..After all she is still available,so *hint* *hint*....

Lavania: Another sweet and shy girl that I know.The another only prefect in U6S1 besides me...Wonderful helper of mine and also a sweet friend.But when it comes to talking,we can really talk a lot to each other and so you have to get to know her to keep her talking..She always thinks that she is not good at stuff but don't believe her in that cause she is just having high expectations...Oh and Pn Goh's another favourite student XP..haha (she is so going to kill me upon seeing this)We bought her some "special present" during her 19th birthday and we hope that she is still keeping it.

Guo Zhang: I know him since orientation day in Samad through Charles and something tells me that I'll end up in the same class as him and I'm damn right about it...A great friend but a person to be beware of during stressful situation and therefore never provoke him with nonsense during "un-suitable" time...A friend that talks a lot with me when we sat together during lessons and that explains why we never sit together...all in all a great friend who comes to our rescue when we were in need ( quoting from the Gasing Hill incident)

Jiaqi: She join our class quite late but she blends in with us very fast...The leng lui in our class and I got close to her towards the end of Lower 6. A good friend who is always there for me when I emo last time and I hope that I don't emo anymore...A person who can share your secrets with and I have to admit that she is good in make up...We had loads of fun times together but I guess we are lacking of chances to go out and hang out together now and I hope we can do it again...

David: Fuiyor this guy ah...I think I can type one whole day about him man!But since it's all about brief description, so I'll try to make it short.I MISS WHACKING him.Somehow he always make me whack him and not only me...he always say things that can make people go nuts or in other words he really has the skills to drive people mad...After all, he is a nice guy minus all the self-praise of himself and he knows what to say when I'm not in good mood to attempt to make me feel better...We call him lala-chai and HE IS LALA...He is an extremist when it comes to play or style his hair everywhere he goes and even Mr JP take notice of that...Everyone just can't resist the temptation to make fun of him OR he make fun of himself that tempt us to make fun of him even though we did not thought of it in the first place....K lar...enough lar...oh oh oh! He is definitely the source of laughter of our class ( at least for me lar)

Brian: He was in the same class as me in standard 3 and after that we went to SMDU and I never expect to see him in Samad but there we were...Wasn't really close to him in primary school and in SMDU but we kinda know each other better once in form6..Oh I still yet to draw his glasses with liquid paper..haha it's an inside joke..and yeap we (HL,me and YT) were the ones to draw his table with chalk and make a mess for him and it was damn fun doing that ok?

Yu Ting: The octy in my class..always tries to kill me with her nail polish and coming late to school last time..Since can't be unfair to the others,I hereby reveal that I wrote her name a few times in the pathway book..haha..A nice friend together with Hui Ling to create lots of jokes and craps in class...We hang out quite often and I hope she doesn't HBB me next time..A poser in action with me and we have lots to share between each other together with Hui Ling..My sing k kaki of this class..

Raja: Pn Goh's number ONE favourite student..haha! A nice friend who always been helpful to me when I needed help last time.The blood-sucker of U6S1 who keeps asking me to pay my class fund which I always don't. So in other words, she is the Ah Long of our class and she keeps our account really tight as in we still have plenty of money left at the end of graduation....My bus companion to KL for tuition and I'm really glad of that because she saved me from being bored to death in the bus and also to keep me awake in tution.

Ras Hadi: He is Ras..Our class moniter...Another one whom I never expect to see in form 6 from SMDU...and I think he is a person who has high expectations of himself and it's really hard for me to describe him..after all he is Ras....

Satchid: Another laughing source of our class and he really knows what to say to keep us laughing...He always try to be funny and surprisingly he succeed in that and so if ever he can't find a job,he can be an entertainer.The person who competes with me by the game of "whose bus comes first" last time.I was waiting for either 99 Metro bus or U88 Rapid KL and he was waiting either 6 Metro or U82 and apparently i always he is the person who keeps nudging me for no reason on MSN and the person responsible to hang my comp -.-"
Vitya: JP calls her triple V and she is the next person after Yu Ting as she tried to make me get fout of my job by her nail polish and short socks...She laughs out loud in class and she can really run.I didn't know she was a great runner until I saw her in action during sports day and she is a great runner...well at least to the extend of getting best sportswoman...Stunning huh?Well at least better than me who can't even qualify for all the events.sigh!

Meng Li: The cute "mushroom" of science 1..She is so cute that you really feel like disturbing her..She is a very creative person and she can draw super well and better than me also since I sux big time in drawing..I always ask her for help for all my bio drawing whenever possible and therefore to get at least a B+....A very responsible sister to her siblings and also a very cute and nice friend of mine...

Oppsie time for dinner,have to sign off..But really all of the people mentioned above really plays a big part of my memories in Samad.I really wish we could turn back time to all the great memories and great laughs that we shared together...Miss you guys loads and you peeps ROCK!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Long ago...

These pictures were ages ago and since I have nothing to do for this evening..I'll blog about let's reminiscence the good old times that we shared...The posers of upper 6 science 1 even before the dissection starts...From left Meng Li,Hui Ling, Yu Ting and me...and Chong was at the background..

There we go...let the cutting begin...

Me with my dissected rat in water....

Yeap...Was my rat....haha...I dissected it long ago....way back in Upper 6.. the heart of this rat is preserved and stored somewhere with my stuffs...

The leng lui-s of U6S1: Hui Ling,Yu Ting, Meng Li, Jiaqi,Me and Raja
I really miss all these great memories...too bad we did not take any pictures for the catching insects and collecting plants project...but to all my group guys remember what happened right?Was damn fun travelling to the enchanted area of Taman Sri Gombak by bus 43 and walking aimlessly to find for a shop name call Papillon remember?And the best one was outside Gasing Hill...Lavania,Hui Ling, Yu Ting, Meng Li and me happily stop in front of Gasing Hill and stone there.We were planning to catch some bugs after a class lunch at A&W but unfortunately was too afraid to go in so we decided to call Guo Zhang to the rescue in the end...
U6S1 of 2007, you people really rock my world and painted a part of my life .....
Signing off for dinner

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm bored therefore I drop by

Am bored tonight..anyway Happy Birthday Andrew! Though just a few more minutes left but yea...have fun with your plasma tv..well cardboard plasma tv for the mean time..haha...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm too ill to update..

Thank God I'm not having dengue fever after the blood test result came out...I was having really high fever,chills, excruciating lower backache that spreads to all over my legs, swollen eyes, headache and I can say almost 7 out of 10 of the symptoms of a dengue fever.To make things more worse,I was bitten my lots of mosquitoes the other day and m neighbour just recover from a dengue fever not long ago...After visiting the hospital and having a blood test to test whether it's's not..but still having high fever and 2 very swollen and goldfish eyes now...sigh...Anyway I know whatever I'm suffering now,it's nothing as compared to my friend's grandmother..She's going to undergo an operation to remove a cancerous growth in her womb tomorrow and if it's succesfully done,she'll have to undergo chemotherapy..whatever it is,it will be a high risk for her...=(

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before you to ask for Your healing upon my friend's grandmother.I pray that you will give her strength to go through the whole procedure of defeating the cancer.Lord, strengthen her will and let her know that You are there with her at all times.I ask for Your mercy upon my friend's grandmother that I know that she can come in no other way but only through You and You alone to ask for healing in her body.We believe that Jesus has already borne all our sins, pain and diseases 2000 years ago, and that Your divine healing is already made available to us..We love You,Lord and as I present my request to You, O Lord,we will wait upon You with your peace.
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.