Saturday, June 30, 2007

My internet connection is back!!!!!

I'm back for more blogging......I wanted to upload the pictures of the dissection just now....but heck the whole system hang....ish!!!!I'm kind of impatient today so readers....i'm so sorry....another day again....I wanted to go and upload those pictures in friendster also and it's like taking a century loading impatient me is saying forget it!For your info it's half and hour to july while I'm typing I should ask myself this question : WHY THE HECK AM I STILL BLOGGING INSTEAD OF MURDERING MYSELF IN THE STUDY ROOM WITH BOOKS AND FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS OF HAVING FUN!Gosh.....I still have a life!!!!! Like I had mention on my previous entry...yes I'm still emo-ing and stuff easily....Things get slow and get out of my way, I blast off (for more info on this refer to those who work under me) I like to work with the following principles:
1. Work means no play but plain serious working
2. Mistake done,rectify and prevent repetition
3. Don't ask why for orders and stop fooling or mocking orders
4. Don't know then ask,don't act smart
5. Work according to situations and circumstances means work smart
6. Out of work time, play as crazy and hard
basically there's about it,so why I post this?I have hidden reasons for my juniors......haha...
Went to KFC for Mrs. Wong farewell today, I ordered dinner plate which consist of 3 pieces of chicken,and I would like to clarify that I finished the chicken all by myself EXCEPT it is beyond the time limit( and yes, I eat super slow but quite a lot so stop laughing jerks!)So sad that Mrs. Wong is going to leave us....haihz hopefully she gets her letter of confirmation by next week. to stay..Cam-whore with Jiaqi's camera today,so happy!!!!!!!!!!Signing off for today.....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Absolutely no idea......

Wanted to post up my pictures on my rat's dissection thingy but suddenly I don't feel like doing it...Maybe I'm begining to stress and freak out since STPM is damn near,I think I'm getting weirder and weirder day by day...Don't ask me how,why and what's wrong because I don't even know the real answer myself

  1. I emo easily nowadays....
  2. I feel like crying sometimes for some reasons when I'm alone
  3. I don't want to be alone
  4. I'm trying to irritate myself
  5. I don't feel like eating sometimes and end up eating like damn a lot
  6. I don't feel like watching tv
  7. I want to talk to someone but in the end I end up stoning to myself
  8. Others thought I was in deep thoughts when I'm darn quiet but the truth is I'm thinking nothing coz my mind is blank aka staring at mid-air for nothing.
  9. I'm confused between my own feelings towards people for the mean time
  10. I don't know what am I up to today
  11. Lastly,I'm lost at the moment.

I have no idea on what is wrong with me........But one thing is for sure I'm not close to breaking don't worry.I'll be back once my pictures for the dissection is ready...Oh yea,have a name for my rat.It's called "Fatty"......(to Tik Tsin: haha...gotcha for telling you that my rat is named after you XP) Signing off for today

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Can't wait.........

It's time to update my blog again......since I'm waiting for the arrival of the Sandman, might as well type an entry.....My scar is obviously in the picture and it the limelight goes to it...sob,sob!Now everyone knows that I became a humpty dumpty who had a great fall before picture day!!!(for those who think it's's not funny!) Argh and sigh!But at least I had something that cheers me up today....went to 1u straight after school with Tik Tsin driving me to Kenny Rogers and gosh how the chicken had shrunk since the last time I ate with Yu Ting and Hui Ling.Ironic is we are eating chicken during the bird flu spreading season.I wanted to eat waffles as a change at first but I can't resist the temptation of the aroma of roasted chicken of Kenny Rogers....And not forgetting the fact that Tik Tsin is another one who tempt me even more to eat.......haih...I surrender and we just walk into Kenny Roger's once we set foot in 1u.I took quite some time to finish my shrunken chicken today and I think the factor was I talk too much and the concentration when to talking more than eating....I enjoyed my food which is the most important.After that,we decided to go for movie!!!Fantastic Four!Great show with great graphics....I like that Fireguy Johnny Storm,he looks kinda cute to me...oh yes I LOVE the silver's guy costume and make up,not to mention the silver surf board he had because it was super cool.....But at the same time,I got quite lost by the Destroyer destroying the Earth scene....In a nutshell the show was awesome!After movie,we went to A&W to yum{cha} and of course the so called {cha} was non other than root beer......Later we wanted to head home but instead of going to the carpark which is above Parkson,we went into MPH and we went to the medical books section and got ourself fascinated over there and then went to the chemistry books and start recalling what we learn but very paiseh le because we kinda proof ourself for not studying enough which we both start regretting about.Looks like Sandman has came to visit me!Before signing off,
to Tik Tsin:Thank you so much for spending me on food today...XP

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Shocked?Horrified?U describe

I wonder if thursdays are really a bad day for me?And try guessing what had just happened to me while I was in the LRT before I start describing.....yes it's a thursday and "interesting event" happenned at the same setting and at the same time.(refer to my previous entry on the 24/5/07 for further details)...............But it's not history repeats itself again,Amen to that......(my new wallet is still with me).....Oh yeah...another incident this time.....okay lets start the story at 1.30pm when I arrived at Kelana Jaya LRT station.David called me once I reached the station and he said that his at the station and waiting for me at the ticket booth.So there I was walking towards the station scanning the ticket booth to look for David.....but he is no where to be found....So I called him and he was still at the bridge leading into the station.....(That is soooooo David....)Anyway shall thank him for coming to Kelana Jaya LRT station though he can go KL straight from his house in Puchong by bus.And so I'm stuck in tuition from 2.00pm til 6.15 pm.After that,I head to the LRT station to go home......And when the first train was super packed so I decided to wait for another one while kind of having my guards up against whoever suspiciously hanging around me.*tadaa* here comes the interesting part.Some guy whom I saw before a few times at the same station approached me......(he is weirdo who talks loudly on the phone and keeps saying sorry to others for no apparent reasons......freaky?yes to me.)So he came to me abruptly and asked me why I didn't board up the first train and not to be rude,i just answered him because the train was packed.There I was so afraid that he will start asking me questions(which he did before to others according to what I saw last time when Yu Ting was there)He is just freaky I tell you..When the second train arrive,I boarded it without having the mood to wait for another one though it was just as packed as the previous.So there I was again boarding the train....Guess what?He squeezed in too...and he was pushing me.....Ish!the train was so cramed and he almost pushed me into smelling the big guys armpit.Yuck!So while in the train,he managed to squeezed to stand beside me......Urgh!!!This time I had to call my friend to ask him to keep talking to me despite the fact that my credits were running low in order to avoid him......Suddenly,the phone line was cut!Dammit!!So he took the opportunity to talk to me...asking me which station I'm getting off...(For goodness sake,does it really matter to him?)Finally my friend manage to call through again....Hallelujah..Therefore,I continued talking with my friend until Taman Paramount station where that guy board off.Before he get off he purposely come in front of me to say bye ao I just did a quick wave not to be rude again.....Phew...Oh yeah...during the train ride,he suddenly shouted "shit!"loudly and start complaining that his phone has no battery LOUDLY!!!!!Gosh he always do that for the past few times when Yu Ting and I saw him......F-R-E-A-K-Y!!!or maybe you may say his trying to attract attention but please of all things why do that?Only he knows...Still freaking out while signing off......

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sien gilerr.........

I'm superbly lost and unproductive today......Woke up at 9am and stoned for about half an hour in front of my closet wondering of what to wear for tuition tonight(haha....this is called planning of outfit according to my dictionary)and also what to do today.After that,I moved on to the kitchen to find for food and guess what?I found blueberry flavoured blue colour cotton candies!!!!My love!!!!!!!Hence I made it as my breakfast for the morning.....(I know,I know candies are bad for teeth and breakfast should not be taken lightly....but just for once I'm so going to ignore this healthy factors).After finishing my candy breakfast,I'm supposed to study according to my earlier stoning-while-planning session about an hour ago...However,I somehow ended up switching on the electron gun and watch Channel 30 (it's 10.30am btw so the show that is gonna be up suppose to be "Lethal weapon" or "Fuk yu fan wan" in cantonese) Since I missed the episode the night before so I thought of no harm watching it....And there I go watching the show while admiring Raymond Lam,Bosco Wong and Charmaine Sheh until 11.30am......And then i started my computer intended on completing my eco-project for bio supposedly but somehow i ended up talking trash with Uncle Chid the Chinapek(dats Satchid).Suddenly,my phone rang!!!!It's my friend,she ask me to go karaoke and she's waiting downstairs......but in the end of the phone call,she asked me this" u really think that I'm downstairs do u?"Celaka betul!!!It was a prank.........So much of excitement huh?Since I can't bring myself to the karaoke,so I shall bring karaoke to myself!!Haha...took out the collection of CDs and start playing them one by one and start singing in my house....Lame......I know!
*(stop laughing you people....I help to stop the rain and made the sun came out to shine at least!) Finish singing,I had a break by having a Kit Kat (oh wait 2 Kit Kats).Then i went into my room to do some reading and when I realised what time it was,I suddenly don't feel like studying because it's near dinner time....Before I managed to convince myself to glue on my chair and read one chapters of Reaction Kinetics on Tan Yin Toon book at least,the drilling from the renovation upstairs began and *poof* it went my mood to study for the day.....So I took my phone and start messaging my friends since I'm desperately bored.No luck because non of them replied(no thanks to those I sms-ed during that moment)So once again I depended on my computer and TV to save my live from the boredness that is murdering me....and there I was typing this entry....haha...opps time for dinner and have to prepare to attend tuition.
signing off.....and so much for i did today.*sigh*

Monday, June 4, 2007

Wang Lee Hom!!!!!!!!!(part 1)

I feel that something is missing from my blog....Of course!Lee Hom's biodata......Please don't ask me who is Lee Hom alright?!Because everyone should know who is he,i mean it.....EVERYONE!!!

He is super talented.He can sing very well and that is a definite.Can dance pretty well and he knows how to play various musical instruments....Just name it and he can play them(ranging from guitar, piano, drums ,violin, Er-hu and etc)Besides he is also a songwriter, and producer and is popular in many parts of Asia, including China, HK, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. The release of 蓋世英雄 marks his eleventh year and eleventh album in the industry.

Leehom,a native of Rochester, New York, is an artist/producer/writer with SonyBMG Taiwan. He is also a film actor, his recent projects include Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution", in the supporting role of Kuang Yu Min.
After studying music at the Eastman School of Music, Williams College, and the Berklee College of Music, Leehom burst into the Chinese pop music scene in 1998 with his album Revolution, which he both composed and produced, garnering awards for both "Best Male Artist of the Year" and "Best Producer of the Year" in Taiwan's 1999 Golden Melody Awards, the "Grammies" of Chinese pop music. He was 22 years old, making him the youngest person ever to win the award in either of the two categories.Since his debut, Leehom has consistently been nominated for the "Best Male Artist of the Year" award eight years in a row, solidifying his role as one of the most important, influential and prolific artists in Chinese music. In total, Leehom has recorded 11 solo albums, with career sales topping ten million units.Leehom plays over 10 musical instruments. In his albums, Leehom can be heard playing some or all of the instruments including: piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, vibraphone, erhu, and xun. In his live concerts, he typically performs five or six. His concert toursare massive productions, 3 hour long shows in Asia’s largest arenas. In 2006, his solo concert toured in Taiwan, China, Japan, HK, Singapore and Malaysia, and included a sold-out performance at the 80,000 seat Shanghai arena.
A solid musical background enables Leehom to pull from a variety of musical styles and invent (and continuously reinvent) his sound, that is distinctly Chinese and international at the same time. For example, his 2005 release, Shangri-la drew Mongolia, and Yunan. In 2006, "Heroes of Earth" centered around Beijing opera and its predecessor, Kun Qu.One of the greatest aspects of being a public figure is the ability toaccess international media, and to communicate with and help other young people of the world. Socially active, Leehom's charity work goes hand-in-hand with his career. Some of the highlights include:Nature, the album dedicated to Jane Goodall in conjunction withLeehom's work as the National Geographic Channel spokesperson in HongKong; Ashes to Ashes, the anti-smoking short film sponsored by theHong Kong government; "Love Will Never Disappear", the song performed by A-Mei Chang for disaster relief after Taiwan's 1999 earthquake;"Frozen Dreams", a song collectively composed on the internet by Leehom's and his fans with all proceeds going to charity; and"Happiness x3, Loneliness x3", the collaborative song with TetsuoKamuro made for the Japanese government's anti-drug campaign. In 2002,Leehom was appointed by UNICEF as the Youth Ambassador to Nepal, andhosted the a MTV "Speak Your Mind" documentary on education, childlabor, and the sex trade. In May of 2003, with SARS crippling manyparts of Asia, Leehom wrote and produced the charity song "Hand InHand". This song was performed by 85 of the big-name artists in Chinese pop music history. An instant classic, "Hand In Hand" hasbecome the "We Are the World" of this generation of Chinese. Tsunami relief, charity concerts, the list goes on. Leehom intends to putcharity work first in the future, and has plans to open a music school in Taiwan so that its children can have the opportunity to receive a music education.He is also the ambassador for Celcom and Sony-Erricson in Malaysia and he had stared in the advertisements..

Finally, Leehom also is known for his genuine, warm personality. He is gentle and appreciative towards those around him, and his boyish demeanor is disarming, especially when juxtaposed with hisprofessionalism and meticulous work ethic. He is passionate about his art and cherishes every opportunity for creative exchange with others,in music, movies, or any other forum.

His awards:

Best New Artist of 1996, The People's Daily Newspaper, Taiwan
Best New Artist of 1996, Push Magazine, Taiwan
Top 20 of 1998, Channel V: "Revolution" (公轉自轉)
Ten Best Albums of the Year, News Media Group, Malaysia: Revolution
Ten Best Albums of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association, Taiwan: Revolution; 十大年度專輯, 中華音樂人交流協會, 公轉自轉
Best Producer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan: Revolution; 最佳專輯製作人, 台灣金曲獎, 公轉自轉
Best Male Vocalist of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan: Revolution; 最佳男演唱人, 台灣金曲獎, 公轉自轉
Best Producer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Singapore: Revolution; 最佳專輯製作人, 新加坡金曲獎, 公轉自轉
Best New Male Artist, HK Radio Station
Top 20 of 1999, Channel V: "Julia"
Ten Best Albums of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association: Impossible to Miss You; 十大優良專輯, 中華音樂人交流協會, 不可能錯過妳
Top Ten Songs of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association: "Crying Palm"; 十大優良單曲, 中華音樂人交流協會, "流淚手心"
Best Male Vocalist, MTV Asia
Best Composer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳專輯製作人, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Best Male Vocalist of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳男演唱人, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Top 20 of 2000, Channel V: "Forever's First Day" (永遠的第一天)
Best Singer-Songwriter, Channel V; 最佳創作歌手
Best Song, MTV Asia: "The One and Only" (唯一)
Best Song of the Year, CCTV-MTV Asia: "Descendent of the Dragon" (龍的傳人)
Best Composer-Artist, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳創作歌手, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Best Producer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳專輯製作人, 馬來西亞金曲獎, 唯一
Top Ten Songs, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia: "The One and Only"; 十大金曲, 馬來西亞金曲獎, “唯一”
Best Male Vocalist, CCTV-MTV Asia
Top 20 Songs, CCTV-MTV Asia: "The One and Only" (唯一)
Best Composer-Artist, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳創作歌手, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Best Lyricist, Golden Melody Awards, Malaysia; 最佳作詞人, 馬來西亞金曲獎
Most Popular Male Singer, HITO Pop Music Awards, Taiwan
Best Song of the Year, HITO Pop Music Awards, Taiwan: "W-H-Y"
Best Music Video, Channel V: "You and I Don't Make Us" (兩個人不等於我們)
Top Ten Songs of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association: "Love, Love, Love"; 十大優良單曲, 中華音樂人交流協會, “Love, Love, Love”
Top Ten Albums of the Year, Chinese Musicians' Association: Unbelievable; 十大優良專輯, 中華音樂人交流協會, 不可思議
Top Ten Albums of the Year, China Times: Unbelievable; 年度十大國語專輯, 中國時報, 不可思議
Media's Choice Artist, Channel V
Top Fashion Trendsetter, Cosmopolitan, China
Top Ten Songs of the Year, HiTFM, “You Are Not There” and “The One and Only” (Japanese version); 十大金曲 Hit Fm「百首單曲票選活動」, “妳不在”, “唯一” (日文版)
Best Male Singer Award, Channel V; 最佳男歌手獎, 第十屆全球華語榜中榜
Best Producer of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan: Unbelievable; 最佳專輯製作人, 台灣金曲獎, 不可思議
Ten Best Albums of the Year, 十大優秀個人專輯, 新浪卓越2003年文化風雲榜, 不可思議
Most Popular Asian Male Singer, Golden Melody Awards, Singapore; 亚太最受推崇男歌手, 新加坡金曲獎
The Best Songs of the Year, Golden Melody Awards, Singapore: "Love Is Everywhere"; 十大金曲, 新加坡金曲獎 "爱无所不在"
10佳入耳最炫專輯, 东西南北大学生炫歌榜, 不可思議
Favorite Asian Artist, Channel V, Thailand

kk..too long and i shall wait to post some more about him in part to be continued

signing off ......

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Was checking my emails and i found the following :

Teacher: Why are you late?
Balgobin: Because of the sign.
Teacher: What sign?
Balgobin: The one that says,"School ahead, Go Slow."

Teacher: Balgobin, why are you doing maths sum on the floor?
Balgobin: You told me to do it without using tables!

Teacher: Balgobin,how do you spell "crocodile"?
Balgobin: "K-R-O-K-O-D-A-I-L"
Teacher: No,that's wrong!
Balgobin: Maybe it's wrong,but you asked me how I spell it!

Teacher: What is the chemical formula for water?
Balgobin: "HIJKLMNO"
Teacher: What are you talking about?
Balgobin: Yesterday you told me it's H-to-O!

Teacher: Balgobin,go to the map and find North America!
Balgobin: Here it is!
Teacher: Correct.Now class,who found North America?
Class: Balgobin!

Teacher: Balgobin, why are you so dirty?
Balgobin: Well,I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are!

Teacher: How can you prevent diseases caused by biting insects?
Balgobin: Don't bite any!

Teacher: Balgobin,give me a sentence starting with "I".
Balgobin: I is...
Teacher: No Balgobin.Always say "I am."
Balgobin: All right.."I is the ninth letter of the alphabet."

Teacher: Can anybody give an example of "COINCIDENCE"?
Balgobin: Sir,my mother and father got married at the same day and the same time.

Teacher: George Washington not only chopped down his father's Cherry tree,but also admitted doing it.Now do you know why his father didn't punish him?
Balgobin: Because George still had the axe in his hands?

Balgobin: Dad,can you write in the dark?
Father: I think so.What do you want me to write?
Balgobin: Your name on this report card.

Balgobin: Dad,have you ever been to Egypt?
Father: No.Why do you ask that?
Balgobin: Well,where do you get this mummy then?

Teacher: What a pair of strange socks you are wearing?One is green and the one is blue with red spots.
Balgobin: Yes,it's really strange.I've got another pair just like that at home.

Teacher: Now,children, if i saw a man beating a donkey and stopped him,what virtue would I be showing?
Balgobin: Brotherly love?

Teacher: Now Balgobin,tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?
Balgobin: No sir,I don't have to,my mum is a good cook.

Teacher: Balgobin, your composition on "My Dog" is exactly the same as your brother's.Did you copy his?
Balgobin: No sir! It's the same dog.

Teacher: What do you call a person who keeps on talking when peope are no longer interested?
Balgobin: A teacher!

even it's a joke but some kids do actually act like that and the questions they asked really drive you up the wall....And why say that?Because I had encountered one.While teaching him the 26 letters in the alphabets.Suddenly out of the blues,he asked me "Why must A come before B?Why can't A be after G?"I stone and I stunned.Answers anyone?
Oh yeah,babysitting a bunch of kids who does not belong to me isn't my cup of tea too...I don't mind if it's one or two but if I was assigned to look after a whole bunch of them?I give up!Hey they are healthy kids alright!So minus the fact that they make a great deal of noise and they run around when you want them to sit still,they will either ask you funny questions that make you literally stone(hey Tik Tsin,so much of stoning huh?) or they make you one of their water gun or painting targets or even worse.......they do some funny things that you know is wrong but they don't and when you try to explain to them the reply you will get from them is non other than "why?why?why?"
Signing off!
p/s:sorry chongie and jiaqi havta ffk tonite!!My bad!